• Company Mission

Our aim is to create an easy and professional way for Travelers and Guides to find voyage companions.

Thanks to a reliable platform we enable connections between persons who want to discover and share the mysteries of some of the most curious necks of the woods you won't normally find in tourist guidebooks.

Through collection of information and travellers' feedback we pick  dependable Guides, who show travellers around selected places in the world in a responsible and professional way.

We enable travellers to choose the most interesting places for them to sightsee, things to do, and even discover new passions as well. Whether  they prefer citywalk, including concerts and events or meeting the local inhabitants, artists, musicians, enthusiasts, hobbyists or alternative sports cultivation or interesting trips through isolated and unspoiled places.

Using available tools ans systems we encourage amateur and enthusiasts who  have never been guides to share their offbeat, extraordinary passion  with Travellers (px. Bee-raiser, passionate ornithologist, nature snapper, diver, horse riding trainer, kite master, geologist, ichtiologist). There is no limit, every -body is allowed to propose ones favourite passion or form of entertainment.

Through existing network used by Guides we allow Travelers to use the best transport systems in selected area. Thanks to experienced Guide who knows the area, people, inhabitants and companies there is no risk to overpay for transport and Guide helps you save your money.

So, ready for memorable adventure? Search for your best trip and make new, awesome friends.