A new community website GetGuideService is now looking for Guides and trainers from all over the world for the new tourist/holiday season 2016.

The staff wanted is first of all people oferring alternative way of spending leisure time. The ideal candidate has a hobby or passion and is able to offer something more than laying on the beach and visiting popular pubs every night.

The website GetGuideService encourages the public to discover a passion and to share it in reality. It is an opportunity to become a Guide or a Trainer for everyone who wants to teach dancing, swimming or whatever else, what he or she can do best. Experience is not essential, because GGS offers on-line training and the GuideAcademy for registered Guides only, however experienced Guides are suspected to gain more job opportunities and clients. The GetGuideService community website is also a great place offering a free promotion for engaged Guides, looking for their own Travellers and clients in the 2016 season.

GetGuideService  creates new standards of travelling and discovering, with demonstrable respect to natural environment, high ecological awareness and care for humans, animals and nature in every single visited place.

which  enables connections between persons who wish to travel together. As detailed in the company mission, their aim is to create an easy and professional way for Travelers and Guides to find voyage companions.

The website enables both groups to register and prepare to corporate travel.
The registered Guides achieve the possibility to create special offer of trips and journeys. The GetGuideService mission is the stimulation of  discovering new passions and unconventional, uncommercialised various character voyages.