One of our important projects in GetGuide is the Guide Academy, which is the introduction of high level Standards for Guides including health and safety, equality and diversity, data protection, law and  others like responsibility for the environment or providing necessary information for Travellers.

Every Guide is to create his/her own Guide profile. In GetGuide it is obvious that Travellers observe the behaviour and work of Guides. Our aim as GG is to keep things simple and clear to satisfy the requirements of health and safety policy through providing correct  information to Travellers and the professional behaviour of Guides in all situations, which may occur whilst travelling.

We would like feedback from Travellers. Positive or negative comments are very important tools for every registered user on GG and after verification, help us and the Guides to give a high level of service, which is very important and makes the GG outstanding.
We are professional and expect the same  from our Guides. We encourage Travellers to cooperate in the same way, providing their feedback and comments. We keep things open, so every registered user can find the informations and opinions he/she actually needs.

Only the best Guides matching our high level standards will be recommended by the Get Guide.
To help our Guides we suggest to them to prepare the trips and  show the Travellers around the area they know best.
GetGuide is a project in which Guides are to confirm their dependability and responsibility, by taking care of Travellers and focusing on their needs. As Guides they are also obliged to expect from Travellers safe behaviour in care of themselves and the other members of the particular trips.

Through collection of information and travellers' feedback we pick  dependable Guides, who show travellers around selected places in the world in a responsible and professional way.