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  1. At present, 999 sterling silver, only one kind of children's bracelet.
    99 silver retail 4 yuan 5/gram.
    999 silver retail 4.8 yuan/gram.
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    I watched a few 99 sterling silver shops and 925 sterling silver shops, found out 925 is much more expensive than 99. I would like to ask why, it is reasonable to say that 99 is more expensive than 925. Can you help explain it? I want to buy a bracelet, but it is easy to be allergic to metal, so I want to buy a higher purity, that is, 99, but the difference in their price makes me a little unsatisfactory. Can you help me?
    925 sterling silver is 92.5%silver plus 7.5%alloy. It is the standard material for making silver jewelry internationally. Internationally stipulates that all 92.5%silver can be called sterling silver. Due to the characteristics of the silver itself, 100%of the silver texture is very soft, easy to scratch, and it is not suitable for increasingly fine craft requirements, as well as the richer and exaggerated modeling requirements of modern popular jewelry. In addition, 100%silver is easy to discolor and loses luster. Therefore, in 1851, after Tiffany launched the first set of silver with silver with silver The international identification of silver is the standard for sterling silver. Due to the addition of 7.5%of the alloy, silver has good hardness, brightness and luster, and can inlay various gems. From then on, the silver jewelry has a fresh color, unique style, and exquisite craftsmanship, which quickly swept the world.
    should be said that 925 sterling silver is currently recognized internationally internationally the best material, the highest purity, and the most suitable for making silver jewelry.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Buying a foot silver bracelet at the store is generally about 500 yuan. The style is unique, and the exquisite workmanship should be around 700. I wish you a happy life ~nQuestionnnJust to ask. How much does this cost?nAnswer this style price of about 600.nQuestion is this real product? Or fake?nAnswer to see this color, it is true.nQuestions about the words? Football 999?nAnswer Foot Bank 999 or S999nAsk this clearly.nThe answer is true, it is true to see this color.nMy family is processing bracelets, this is true, don't worry! I wish you a happy life ~n12 morenBleak

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