3 thoughts on “Color G clarity Si1 cuts EX 0.51 carat diamond How much is more appropriate?”

  1. 0.51CT, G, SI1, 3EX without fluorescent GIA diamond nude international market prices of about 10,000 yuan or slightly slightly, the price of weak fluorescence is slightly lower, the precepts are usually within 1,000 yuan, plus workage, certificate and jewelry dealers The necessary profits are suitable if you can get the finished product around 12,000 yuan. There are also many well -known naked diamond custom processing stores on the Internet. You can go to the online store to check the corresponding diamond prices for comparison.

    As for the clarity, the naked eye of the SI1 level looks basically indifferent (does not rule out high myopia and the pathogens of the bottom of the eyes can see a little inner content), which does not affect wearing. The most important factor affecting the appearance of diamonds is carat numbers and cutting.

    It 0.5CT diamond prices will be much more expensive than close to 0.5ct. The price of diamonds is calculated in grade. It is recommended to buy diamonds that are slightly larger (> 0.53) when the budget is sufficient to reserve a little room for the second polishing that may occur in the future. If the budget is limited, you can consider 0.47 ~ 0.49ct, and you can even consider the H -level H -level with a slightly lower color grade. Even I ~ J -level, the price may be reduced a lot, and the appearance is basically different. (The main purpose of the proposal ring is not to save value and value, but to wear a beautiful look. If you want to preserve it, you should choose at least 0.5ct high -quality high -level diamond diamonds)

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