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  1. Every time I clean up the room, I find that the home is unknowingly saved a gift packaging carton. Many cartons are monotonous and stylish. It is not beautiful and wasteing space at home. It is not worth selling waste products. Some cartons are of good quality. It is a pity to throw away. At this time, it may have a lot of wonderful use in the hands of our handmade enthusiasts. Under the simple renovation of the old objects, it can be used to play a great use, which makes people see it. So how should these waste cartons be used? Hurry up to learn about other people's waste into treasure works.
    1, carton container
    The quality of official boxes such as a cat or a certain east is still super good, you just need to stick these good ones! If you like the color, you can make a storage cabinet!

    2, the carton floor table or bed desk
    mu box table or bed desk with a carton, is it quite good? Note that a single -layer paper is definitely not enough to support heavy objects, so we need to stick to multiple layers of carton to be used as desktops! Then, the desktop paper with cute cartoon is pasted on the surface, and a desk created by the children at home is completed.

    3, carton photo frame
    In facts left a small gadget left by the cardboard box, such as a small phase frame, you can use the carton to decorate! Use color and geometric arrangement to achieve artistic effects Essence Different photo frame effects constitute the photo wall, which is very artistic.

    4, the storage box on the wall
    The use of scissors can cut the carton into various shapes, formulate suitable color matching schemes and cutting styles, or make a storage box on the wall. Form a unique background wall, but pay attention to the type of glue used to avoid affecting its weight.

    5, the carton storage basket
    This is the simplest and convenient. Choose a suitable carton, prepare paper boxes, fabrics, scissors, glue. What to do is to wrap the paper box with cloth. Others such as hand -made bands are also additional small accessories. There are some places that need to be connected, such as the ground and the side, the folding method and paste of the cloth.

    MIY methods listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. All kinds of waste cartons that are idle at home can make various practical and beautiful storage tools. Simple hands can not only exercise the body, but also save the expenses of buying new products. You can use your imagination and subjective initiative to cooperate with your family to turn the waste carton at home into a treasure, add creativity and interest to your life. Finally, the cycle of various types of carton resources is the attitude of environmental protection and low -carbon life that is worthy of encouraging, saving resources, and protecting the earth.

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