4 thoughts on “Guan Xiaotong's white shirt is full of vitality. What kind of work does she have recently?”

  1. Speaking of Guan Xiaotong, I think everyone is no stranger. Since childhood, he has been known as the "National Girl" and has always been the darling of the circle. Today, she is generous and outstanding, and many people are wearing her. Guan Xiaotong has never been disappointed. From the airport private server to the red carpet, she is really a "hanger". Recently, Guan Xiaotong posted a group of photos. She was wearing a white shirt, a gray strap skirt, and a black bow hair ornament.
    The aura of the child star, a pair of long legs against the sky, she developed well in the film and television industry. In Zhang Yimou's movie "Shadow", she was wearing a blue shirt and appearing on the oil paper umbrella, which was very amazing about the existence of time. Perhaps the positioning of Guan Xiaotong in the early years was unclear, so that she starred in many embarrassing works, such as her and Luhan's fixed love "Sweet Critical Strike", and "Love of Aurora" starring Marco's "Love" it is good. However, her work in recent years has received a good response, whether it is the county master class in "I am such a woman" or Liang Shuang in "Twenty Twenty".
    After finding the right role, Guan Xiaotong's performance in film and television works is also remarkable. Although Guan Xiaotong is very popular as the resident guest of the variety show "Ace to Ace", as an actor, she also wants to use more works to prove her strength. "Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty Two" has been filmed for a while. Guan Xiaotong's next work "Plum Blossom Red Peach" is a spy war drama of the Republic of China. But it is still different from the Republic of the Republic in the TV series.
    "Plum Blossom Red Peach" can be called the "Smith couple" of the Republic of China. In addition to the innovative theme of the spy war hybrid idol drama, the rhythm is bright like a movie. The actor plum blossoms are romantic, love to eat, and the heroine peach blossoms are both beautiful. In a operation, the two do not fight and know each other, work together to break through many difficulties, and know each other.

  2. Recently, there are "Hunting", "Plum Blossom Red Peach", variety show "Ace to the Seventh Season of Ace", cultural program "Starting from Yan'an", singing the cartoon "Panda and Luta".

  3. He has no works recently. He has appeared in twenty -not, sweet crit, the love of Aurora, Feng Qiuhuang and other works. His acting skills have been criticized, but he has also improved step by step. In fact, he picks up. The script's vision is not good, and his interpretation is great in the twentieth, so I hope he can pick the script that suits him.

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