1. Buy a large storage box and storage according to the category of the items you buy.
    For example: 1. Put the clip and clip in one piece, the cute clip and the diamond clip are placed separately. Big clip and small clip are open.
    2. The size of the rubber band is open, and the cloth rubber band and rubber rubber band are open separately. The coats with decorations and decorations are open separately.
    Merebody can solve your troubles, right? Hope to help you be busy ~

  2. Searching "Storage Box" in TaoBao will appear a special storage box ~ It is mainly used to store small pieces such as jewelry. You can install small objects such as clips, rubber bands.
    larger hair accessories can buy a small iron box to put it ~或者把鞋盒什么的DIY下,做个分隔,放里面就可以了.rn如果是经常戴的,现在有卖那种有专门挂链饰品的小人,或者就粘个小挂钩, Hang there for easy wear ^ ^

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