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  1. Brief introduction: Harbin Dongxiang Golden Store Harbin Dongxiang Golden Store Co., Ltd. was founded in 1948. It is the first state -owned gold shop in Heilongjiang Province, which was approved by the Northeast District of the People's Bank of China. At the beginning of the establishment, the Harbin Xiang Gold Store made corresponding contributions to the financial market price of New China, and stabilized the financial order. During the Cultural Revolution, the impact was closed. Harbin Dongxiang Gold Store achieved preliminary accumulation from 1984 to 1993, and occupied a certain scale in the provincial market. But at the same time, there are also weaknesses in operating varieties and fewer assets in enterprises. Since 1993, under the leadership of General Manager Chen Liang, all employees have guided enterprises with a scientific concept of development, worked hard to innovate, and advance with the times, so that the enterprise has undergone tremendous changes. Now it has developed to two wholesale departments, one gold jewelry processing plant, five retail stores, and nearly 40 franchise stores with certain scale. Operate a variety of jewelry such as gold, platinum, gold, k gold, diamonds, and jewelry inlaid, and open various jewelry acquisition and exchange business. In 2005, the Harbin Xiang Gold Store carried out a shareholding system, and all employees held shares. With the development of operations, Ha Dongxiang has paid more attention to the development of the company. Since 1993, he has applied for the registration of "", "DX" and "" in the National Trademark Office since 1993. Since the 1980s, it has been trusted and supported by people from all walks of life with high -quality product quality, reasonable market price and excellent service business. solid foundation. Several generations of Dongxiang people take the concept of "integrity, hard work, innovation, and development". After more than half a century of unremitting efforts, today's Harbin Xiang Gold Store has developed from a small shop with a small wholesale and a single retail gold jewelry. With two wholesale departments, one gold jewelry processing workshop, five retail stores and nearly 40 franchise stores with a certain scale, the business scope covers many fields such as jewelry processing, wholesale, retail. Platinum, gold, K gold, diamonds, jewelry inlaid jewelry and various commemorative medals, commemorative coins, also opened diamonds, gold, platinum acquisition and exchange and other businesses. Chairman Chen Liang of Has Dongxiang Golden Store believes: "Enterprise operations are like the water, and they will retreat if they do not enter. If you want to occupy a place in the fierce market competition, you must adhere to the guiding ideology of integrity and innovation and development, and form your own uniqueness. "Features". Therefore, in addition to the traditional wholesale retail, Ha Dongxiang will regularly hold a variety of new product exhibitions every year, and well -known domestic manufacturers sent a huge team to participate in the exhibition and model show. In business activities, Ha Dongxiang won the honor of the relevant leadership departments. For example, Ha Dongxiang is the executive director unit of the China Baoyu Stone Association, and the vice president unit of Heilongjiang Baoyu Society. At the same time, Harbin Xiang closely cooperated with the World Gold Association, the International Platinum Association, the DTC International Diamond Promotion Center, and the International Gold Association to become an outstanding partner. In 2008, Ha Dongxiang joined the International Platinum Association and became one of the important partners of the International Platinum Association in Longjiang. Since 1993, Ha Dongxiang Gold Store has invested a lot of funds to continue to propagate the brand image of Ha Dongxiang. At that time, most companies did not attach great importance to advertising. Ha Dongxiang Gold Store took the lead in the pace of publicity and formulated a strict and feasible distribution plan. Outdoor advertising and other forms have carried out comprehensive publicity of the Ha Dongxiang brand. , "Heilongjiang Morning News", etc., will promote Ha Dongxiang at different times, greatly increasing the reputation and popularity of Ha Dongxiang Gold Store. In business management, Ha Dongxiang has been using advanced instruments to improve and promote herself. Ha Dongxiang is the first company in Heilongjiang Province to use yellow, platinum, and golden detector in Heilongjiang Province. It is also one of the first companies to detect people's raw materials in retail to detect people's raw materials. Essence At the same time, Ha Dongxiang introduced multiple computers and tried to manage accessories with advanced gold jewelry software. In 2009, Ha Dongxiang spent nearly 80,000 yuan to introduce a newly entered laser engraving machine to make gold jewelry jewelry in history in the era of hand -engraved printing. All kinds of advanced modern management equipment have saved Harbin Xiang's sale of manpower and material resources and improved work efficiency. Ha Dongxiang attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, introduces a scientific modern management system, focuses on improving employees 'business quality and mental appearance, enhances employees' sense of responsibility, makes good talents, allows outstanding talents It has created a team of employees with strong cohesion and excellent creativity. Among them, there are 2 Diamond Appraisers (GIA) of the American Gem Institute, 1 Chinese Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspector (CGC), and 1 Royal Gem Study Appraiser (FGA). At the same time, Ha Dongxiang also has 3 middle and senior accountants and two economists, and more than 70%of the cultural level of the employee team and the higher junior college. As the old shop in Longjiang, Ha Dongxiang has spared no effort in improving the overall image of the province. Ha Dongxiang not only pays attention to the training and re -education of the employees of the enterprise, but also is committed to the training of sales staff in the province's cure and platinum jewelery, actively improving their professional quality and helping them to serve internationally. In the first half of 2010, Ha Dongxiang specially invited the well -known lecturers of the China National Inspection and Training Center to do theme training for employees and related customers. Nearly 300 business managers and sales staff participated in the training. In the second half of 2010, he cooperated with the International Platinum Association. More than 50 front -line sales staff participated and passed the initial training of the International Platinum Association and obtained a certificate jointly issued by the International Platinum Association and the China Jewelry and Jade Association. At the same time, in response to the lack of jewelry knowledge in the sales staff of Golden Store in the county and backward sales skills, Ha Dongxiang specially set up sales training personnel on the basis of the Jewelry Department, write training materials, and walk into customers in other counties. Personnel conduct training to improve their professional quality, and improve the level of business level of the gold jewelry industry in Heilongjiang Province. In terms of product operation, Ha Dongxiang Gold Store has always adhered to the development direction of "people have no self, people have me, and people are all new", and constantly explore the heritage of national culture. The convergence of the essence is one, which emphasizes the perfect integration of classical culture and the life of modern people, so that the culture of yellow platinum jewelry culture and fashion is perfectly unified. In order to ensure the quality and style of the product, Ha Dongxiang purchased a number of testing equipment and invested nearly one million yuan. Using advanced testing equipment, it was expected to be exchanged for finished product testing without missing any leaks. For the traditional craft accessories of gold jewelry, such as the old three of the gold ring (round hoop, egg round, horse stool), light -faced bracelets, ear ring and other accessories, under the premise of preserving the quality of the positive, innovation Carving Baifu pattern, bracelet connector with heart -shaped interface, etc. These changes to increase the beauty of the product, using traditional jewelry to emit new glory. In 2009, under the concept of gold preservation and appreciation, gold and gold bars became one of the investment products of many people. After careful consideration, Ha Dongxiang launched the "Harbin Xiangxiang" featuring "quality, excellent, beautiful, and value preservation". "Gold bars", for the phenomenon of the price of gold bars in the market, and the unsightly style of ordinary gold bars, the launch of Has Dongxiang's gold bars make up for the gaps of these two situations. Once launched, it has been well received by the people. The product is true. Best selling. In the operation, Ha Dongxiang, as one of the old brands in Heilongjiang Province, is not satisfied with the closed doors and cars. Harbinxiang sent people to participate in the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, Foreign Jewelry Show, Shenzhen Jewelry Show, and absorb popular fashion elements. Then transform into a way that the people in the province can accept, bringing the latest yellow, platinum and jewelry concepts to the people of Heilongjiang Province. As early as 1995, in the case of the sales of gold jewelry in Longjiang Province, Ha Dongxiang set up a jewelry sales department to dedicated to the development and sales of accessories such as diamonds, rubies, blue treasures, jadeite, etc. Xiang's first concept of gold boutique in the province, set up a specialized department to promote the promotion of gold boutiques. At the end of 2006, the "Golden Pearl" popular trend, the dazzling dance gold series in 2008, the 3D hard gold, Thai chain, etc. in 2009, etc. In 2010, the jewelery "Diamond Wit for 5 Years" event, Ha Dongxiang has every year The new innovation is at the forefront of the times, and these innovation measures have also made Ha Dongxiang's jewelry at a trendy leader. The novel jewelry and high -quality services have also brought customers from various places. The customer group of Ha Dongxiang has been expanding, with Longjiang as the center, product radiation in Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. The course of more than 60 years of wind and rain brings mature and stable corporate style to Ha Dongxiang. With the style of elegant and stylish yellow and platinum jewelry, high -quality product quality and high -quality service of integrity, Harbon Xiang Gold Store enjoys a better country in the country. High popularity. Today, Harbinxiang's corporate image of "Hundred Years of Dongxiang, Hundred Years of Integrity" has been well known and recognized by consumers in Heilongjiang. This is the recognition of the Ha Dongxiang brand and the trust of Ha Dongxiang's product quality. In the process of growing up, Hadongxiang Gold Store has received great attention from relevant departments and awarded Harbin Xiang's honor as follows: In 1995, Harbin Social Economic Comprehensive Evaluation Center: Jinxing Sales Large Family. In 1995, the 3rd East Asian Association of Harbin City. From 1991 to 2000, it was rated as "advanced unit" by the People's Bank of Harbin City over the years. Reliable by the Heilongjiang Consumer Association as "consumer trust". In March 2000, the China Gem Society issued "Excellent Enterprise". In March 2004, the Harbin Industrial and Commercial Road Branch issued a "inspection -free enterprise". In February 2005, the Harbin Municipal People's Government issued a "Key Companies and Credit Enterprises". In April 2005, Ha Dongxiang Gold Store became the "Vice President Unit" of the Baoyu Society of Heilongjiang Province. In December 2006, Ha Dongxiang Gold Store was awarded "Quality Integrity Member Unit" by Heilongjiang Quality Network. In 2006, Ha Dongxiang Golden Store was rated as "Qualified Unit of Jewelry Quality Inspection" by Harbin Product Quality Supervision and Inspection of Harbin Province, Heilongjiang Province. Director unit. In March 2008, the Harbin Xiang Gold Store was named "the most popular jewelry brand" by the Heilongjiang Gold and Silver Social Jewelry Association. In April 2008, Ha Dongxiang Gold Store became the "Vice President Unit" of Heilongjiang Gold and Silver Jewelry Industry Association. In December 2008, the Harbin Municipal People's Government awarded the "Key Unit of Contract". In October 2009, the Heilongjiang Provincial Daily Group awarded the "60th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China to Witness the Best Integrity Unit" in November 2010, the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association awarded the "Executive Director Unit". The executive director. Looking back at Ha Dongxiang's course of more than sixty years, brilliant achievements have been deeply engraved in the long river of Ha Dongxiang's history. We have reasons to believe that Ha Dongxiang, who always adheres to integrity, hard work, innovation, and development as the business philosophy. With the support of the leadership departments at all levels of the provincial and cities, we will definitely achieve further development and growth. Love is Dongxiang, passed down from generation to generation. Dongxiang century, centuries of integrity.
    Legal representative: Chen Liang
    Established time: 1985-03-19
    registered capital: 3850.603 million yuan
    If business registration number:
    Enterprise type: limited liability company (Natural person investment or holding)
    company Address: No. 119 factory street, Dali District, Harbin

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