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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the weight of a pure gold bar with a balance, and then put the gold bars into a measuring cup and flood the gold bars. Then put the detected gold bars in a measuring cup, whether the scale of the water rises or decreases. As long as it changes, it means that the gold bar is not pure gold. But if it is gold jewelry, this method is not applicable because there is air in gold jewelry.nGold can also be distinguished by weight. Gold is larger than important metals such as silver, copper, iron and other metals. Gold, silver, copper, iron and other metals in the same volume may be several times that of other metals. The gold is weighing in the hand with a strong feeling.nGold can also be distinguished by measuring hardness. The texture of the gold is very soft, and the higher the hardness of the gold, the smaller the hardness of the gold. You can even bend with your hands. Fish scales will appear. The lower the gold that is lower, the greater the hardness, it is not easy to bend, and the fish scales are not obvious.nGold can be identified by seeing the color. Gold has always said that "seven greens, eight yellow, nine purple and ten red", which means that the gold club with a purity of 70%is blue and yellow. The gold will be purple gold, and the gold will be red yellow with a purity of 100%.nI hope my answer is helpful to you, I wish you a happy life ~ If you can, please help to give me a praise ~ Thank youn3 morenBleak

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