4 thoughts on “The babysitter threw three 200,000 diamond ring, and the couple turned 16 tons of garbage! How to save valuables?”

  1. The nanny threw three 200,000 yuan diamond ring, and the couple turned 16 tons of garbage before finally found these three rings. When many women in life keep their valuables, they often consider pulling the ring directly in a slightly hidden drawer, so that it will be more convenient when taking it. However, some women have a poor memory. After wearing the diamond ring, they will throw their own rings. When this nanny cleans the garbage, I do not see the diamond ring on the table. It's all empty.
    Because of the move of the nanny that the owner's family lost three diamond rings, and then the woman remembered that her diamond ring was placed on the table. But no matter how I found it, the nanny said that I had thrown the garbage directly in the trash can, but I didn't find it anymore. Then the woman learned from her husband to the place where the garbage station was transported to the garbage station. The original batch of garbage had been compressed. I planned to put it in the container. The ship is transported away.
    It, in the angle of the nanny to consider things, this nanny is also because of inadvertent moves, and did not see the ring on the table on the table. If you see it, you will definitely help the hostess to put away the ring without throwing the ring into the trash can. For the hostess, you should realize that after such a thing happens, he should pay special attention to Where valuables are placed. Don't put it on the table at will, because there is another nanny in the home, and no one can ensure that the nanny will not have other crooked thoughts after seeing these valuables.
    The hostess can buy a jewelry storage box directly at home and put their valuables in this jewelry storage box. Whether you go out and wear it yourself, or the ordinary daily use of hand ornaments, you can put it in it, so that you can keep it in custody. Only when the hostess can be careful, can this prevent such things from happening again.

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