The meaning and origin of the traditional cloud pattern

I want to know the origin of the traditional cloud pattern, as well as its meaning and historical background
The impact on it in the design of modern China .... Thank you everyone, urgently use ...

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  1. 1. Design "Xiangyun" Lenovo experts are busy a year at 09:31
    Source: Sichuan Online-Huaxi Metropolis Daily r
    The "Xiangyun" torch of the Olympic spirit and the traditional Chinese cultural concept was designed by Lenovo Company, a high -tech local enterprise producing computers. At the same time, Lenovo also became the first Olympic torch relay partner in the history of the Olympic Movement. After three rounds of selection, the Olympic Committee finally chose Lenovo as a design unit from 388 design companies and institutions around the world.

    In Lenovo related persons, the "Xiangyun" torch design has been completed in the international team consisting of 34 designers from Lianxiang Innovation Design Center for more than one year. The designers participated in the creation and across ten universities such as industrial design, graphic design, material engineering, mechanical engineering, anthropology and sociology. In the end, the birth of the "Xiangyun" torch.

    The reporter Lu Li Beijing report

    two, how is the torch refined (Photos)

    On June 30, 2006, when the Lenovo Design Team, a group of four people, appeared at the end of the torch of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. This day is destined to be remembered by many people. The "display" of the Olympic torch finally has "Chinese design". The designer named it "Xiangyun".

    On April 26, 2007, "Xiangyun" was finally displayed in front of the world. From the shape of paper rolls to the carving and lacquer red design, it conveys the peace culture, the oriental civilization, and the national spirit of self -improvement of the Chinese nation.

    . The origin

    has taken fire species from Prometheus from the heaven, and the fire has become a symbol of human civilization and hope.

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