1. During the day, you can go to Jinjiang Paradise, ticket 70. But it's not interesting to go alone.
    It at night, you can stroll around Xintiandi, and the grotto doors like Tianzifang to see the old Shanghai style.
    The place you can't help but, the wax museum of the new world.
    buying tickets on the first floor, the fare seems to be 135, the student ID brings 100
    So if the student must bring the student ID. Then I took the elevator to the 10th floor or on the 11th floor. I forgot,
    The wax figures made by world -renowned celebrities, superimsses, which is so big
    is fun. Finally, a haunted house (the ticket includes)
    is also very fun, you must go to play when you come! Many Shanghai people have never been to!
    If you want to save money, tell you a little trick:
    In the train, do not find a hotel at the South Square of the Railway Station
    The absolute slaughter and evil. It is recommended to come out of the north to the North Plaza to find
    , then you will not slaughter and it is very cheap (usually 451 nights)
    Beo Motel168 ah Han Ting, you can ask your classmates to be in Where
    After all, it is not easy to come to Shanghai. She won't even tell you even a hotel address.
    is afraid of going to have no room, you can also ask your classmates to help book.
    The tickets for Beijing to come to Shanghai are also very expensive, and it is dangerous to add up.
    The no one knows that no one knows. Now on the Bund in maintenance,
    will have to be repaired for a long time, and you may not be able to play. However, the Pujiang Tour is still open
    about 50, from No. 208 Huangpu Road, sit at Wusongkou
    to come and go for several hours, try to go during the day, or watch everything at night at night. Instead.
    The city god temple is a relatively large small department store wholesale market. There are Fuyoumen Commercial Building and Fumin Commercial Building
    It in People's Square. All. Occasionally, I encountered the slaughter.
    This is not as good as shopping. You can also visit Laifu and go to the Fountain of People's Square.
    It can also go to the People's Park during the day.
    The oriental Pearl and Jinmao and Global Building. There are many tickets for climbing (how much is 150 or how much?)
    It estimated that the money you bring is a bit dangerous. However, there is a place to go
    is the Binjiang Avenue of Pudong. The scenery is very beautiful at night.
    is a good place to go shopping without spending money.
    I I think of so much for the time being, maybe there are more, you can also consult the Shanghai people.
    Wu Jianglu Snack Street, you can go to eat, it is a night market. ,
    In the last home, you can go to the pedestrian street "Sanyang South Cargo" to buy Shanghai specialty
    The is very large in it, enough for you to visit, bring Shanghai specialty products to Beijing, parents will be very happy to be very happy Essence
    It, I personally think that "Nanxiang Xiaolong" does not have the delicious bag in Nanjing at all
    "Xiao Yang Sheng Jian" is not as delicious as you think, and it is necessary to lift a one Hours team.

  2. Welcome to play in Shanghai!

    The introduction to the fare and accommodation, I won't say much, huh.

    The time of arrangement of your suggestion as follows: the first morning of the city god temple, there are small knives at the original site, there are many folk traditional gifts, and so on. It is recommended to eat at the Nanxiang Xiaolong Store (Green Waves, don't go. The famous foreign Prime Minister's visit will eat there, the price is very expensive). This is our famous snack "Nanxiang Xiaolong" in Shanghai. of. After the Chenghuang Temple came out, go to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (you are also from a big city, do not spend too much time on the pedestrian street), and then take the subway Line 2 on Nanjing East Road to Pudong (do not take the sightseeing tunnel on the Bund. Nothing, it is lighting and music) to visit the Oriental Pearl or Gold Trade Building (one of the two), look at the panoramic view of Shanghai, go to Binjiang Avenue during the extra time, there are international conference centers nearby, and so on.

    It the next day to Shanghai Ancient Town to see, you can go to Qibao Ancient Town, which is more convenient to take Metro Line 9.

    In on the third day, go to the People's Square near the CCP, the Grand Theater, the Urban Planning Management, and then go to the Huaihai Road High -end Commercial Street to see, and then take the subway to Xujiahui.

    above does not include your "free activity" at night.

  3. This is very simple
    It Beijing
    The a train to walk the night before, and then arrive at Shanghai at 8 o'clock in the morning during the first day. There is a bus, and I do n’t recognize the dessert of the road. I ca n’t lose it. I ca n’t lose
    The daytime in the city. The Pudong New District is pretty good
    The night view with your classmates at night
    The chain hotels, such as Han Ting fast, as well as home, about 150 every night, you need to book it, you need
    In the third day to return to Beijing
    is basically the case. If there are iconic places, there are commemorative significance, so take more photos
    The fees: 500 back and forth (cheaper) accommodation 300, 300 Eat, drink, play 500
    1300 enough

  4. See if you take the train to Shanghai South Railway Station or Shanghai Station? Do you want to be closer to your friends? still? If you don't know the address, you can first play a practical address online? The average 100 yuan of the small hotel accommodation is still very clean one night. During the day, you can take the subway yourself to Lujiazui (the subway is 3, or 6 yuan, depending on where you take it,) and then go strolling all the way to the city, and then go to the Bund. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence (It ’s about ten minutes of walking together. If you want to rent, it’ s not the same. The starting price is 11 yuan / km, 9 yuan / kilometer..... Remember to take the subway as much as possible, faster than the bus, the city is sometimes traffic jams, and taking a bus or rental will delay a lot of time.

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