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  1. There will always be some small secrets between couples, and the couple's precept is such a beloved token. With such a ring brand Darry Ring, his romantic concept of "men can only customize through their identity ID" has been loved by countless lovers. And Darry Ring's favorite gift also has many couples on the ring style. After buying a proposal ring, you can buy it, so that this couple's guardianship of the ring to witness the life of the loved ones.

    The couple's best love for the together series of the together series
    The best love is to print with you. The together series we have a half -hearted shape. The soft and half -hearted is wrapped in the bright and gorgeous diamonds, symbolizing the stamp of the hearts of lovers, and becoming the only unique in the life of each other's life. Darry Ring's pure and soft 18K platinum reflects the shiny diamonds, vividly and naturally reflects the long -lasting loyalty of "this life is willing to give you the heart".
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    at your side. DR is a romantic couple who can rotate the ring. It is like two people who love each other. They are closely linked and surrounded each other. The combination of rose gold and platinum color is elegant and exquisite. In addition, the male ring is inlaid with black diamonds, and the women's ring is inlaid with white diamonds. One black and white is like a natural pair.

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    n It is a classic black and white diamond match. Men's ring is inlaid with six black diamonds, and the women's ring is inlaid in the shape of "L". Two diamond rings are combined in a combination, and they become the word "I love u". The meaning of "I love u" in English, I believe everyone knows that it means "I love you". This pair of DR wedding rings is telling such romantic feelings. White diamonds and black diamond complement each other, like a natural pair of lovers. What's more interesting is that the 6 black diamonds and the 9 white diamonds of the men's rings are also careful of designers: Arabic numerals "6" and "9". Very beautiful.

  2. There are many couples within 5000. For example, Cuhua Jewelry, China Gold, Beijing Jewelry, and many special models. Although it is cheap, the ring within 5000 is some broken diamonds, the diamond weight is small, and the purity is not high.

  3. Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, and Diamond Birds are all good choices and are well -known brands. Diamond birds have a lot of choice space for the precepts of about 5,000 yuan, novel styles, and upgrades in craftsmanship and design, which is very popular with young people.

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