1 thought on “What are the economic and practical family gifts?”

  1. There are many types of healthy, practical and beautiful small home appliances, their functional design is more humane, and it is more convenient to use. It has won the favor of consumers and has become a sought -after goods in the gift market.n, And they are all small products, which can make delicious meals, do not take up the place, and the electricity consumption is small. Coupled with the current kitchen utensils, they are all used as electricity, and they do not have to worry about the harm caused by oil fume. The more and more small appliances are emerging, such as:n1. Sanhe Semite Bar Electric oven: You can fried eggs, bread bread, and coffee. It takes a few minutes to make a nutritious and delicious breakfast.n2. Yogurt: Exquisite design, fashion appearance. The unique anti -agglomeration heat structure design ensures the activity of lactic acid bacteria. The transparent cover and container cover, the production condition is clear at a glance. PTC fever with automatic constant temperature, safe energy saving, power is only 15W. The fresh -keeping box container is designed to prevent pollution from the production and fresh -keeping process.n3. Multi -functional peeling device: Exquisite body, small and easy to use, with suction cups on the bottom to make the fruit peeling work a pleasure.n4. Fully automatic vegetable washing machine: Automatic control, with it, you don't have to freeze in the cold winter. And it can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization without any disinfection detergent, which is economical. At the same time, there is also tableware cleaning and disinfection function: the machine can accommodate daily tableware, and after starting, it can simply and quickly realize the disinfection function of daily tablewarenThere are still many small home appliances like this, not only creative but also environmentally friendlynEssence

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