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  1. 1. Just carry a valid ID.
    2, when consumers buy jewelry, precious metals, and jade, the most worrying thing is quality issues and authentic issues, and the jewelry identification certificate is like their "ID card". Only to find it more practical, but there is also a fake situation in the jewelry appraisal certificate, so it is also important to learn to distinguish the anti -counterfeiting certificate.
    The expansion information:
    At present, there are many institutions that provide jewelry appraisal. The most authoritative is the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Let ’s take the National Inspection Center as an example to take a look at the identified jewelry. Step:
    . Inspection
    The inspection window for the inspection window of the inspection center for the inspection center of the test center is required to handle the inspection procedures for the inspection window of the personal entrusted inspection window. Here, business personnel will handle relevant testing procedures for samples that meet the scope of testing. Then you will get a entrusted contract, with this contract and valid identity document to receive certificates and inspection samples at the prescribed time. The jewelry to be identified later will be installed to the inspection container and will be sent to the sample management room to check with the task form.
    . Detection
    Puled jewelry to be sent to the sample management room, the sample administrator will establish a file for this jewelry, and allocate it to the test personnel for testing. Fill in the files according to the test results of each step.
    . The preliminary inspection
    The initial inspection includes two parts, one is gem testing, and the other is precious metal testing. If the jewelery for inspection is inlaid jewelry, gemstones and precious metals are required to be tested. If the inspection is not the jewelry without metal inlaid, then you only need to perform gem testing
    . After the review
    P. The respective audits are inspected and reviewed by a special person.
    . The general review
    The staff of the general review will comprehensively review the results of all test results. After passing the final trial, the jewelry was returned to the sample management room.
    6. Certificate issuance
    In the certificate department, the jewelry of the inspection will be called repeated nuclear and taking photos. The data and photos obtained were printed on the appraisal certificate together with the detection data obtained during the test. After verification, stamping seal, anti -counterfeiting, plastic seal and other procedures. This is how a jewelry appraisal certificate was born. Finally, the samples and testing certificates are sent to the business room to wait for consumers to receive it.

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