1 thought on “What does the peninsula box supermarket sell?”

  1. Peninsula box supermarket is a chain supermarket selling net red snacks and well -known cosmetics.
    The Guangzhou Peninsula Box Trading Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2015. It is registered in Shop 7, Yongfa Road, Xiuquan Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou. The legal representative is Luo Wenbing. The scope of business includes commodity wholesale trade. ; Except for commodity retail trade (except for license approval commodities); Internet commodity retail (except for license approval commodities); Internet commodity sales (except for license approval commodities).
    The import and export of goods (except for the special controlled goods); wholesale of hardware products; wholesale leather and leather products; other artificial jewelry, accessories wholesale; paper products wholesale; pulp wholesale; paper wholesale; box, package wholesale; stationery supplies wholesale; wholesale of stationery supplies; wholesale of stationery supplies; wholesale of stationery supplies Toy wholesale; shoe wholesale; commodity information consulting service; textile knitted and raw materials wholesale; clothing wholesale; hat wholesale; textiles and knitwear retail; clothing retail; shoes retail; small accessories, small gift retail.
    Plords generally refer to shops with open display display, customer self -purchases, queuing cashier settlement, and shops that mainly operate fresh food fruits and daily miscellaneous products. A retail company with consumer self -service purchase and unified cash register settlement. In China, the Super Market was introduced in 1978 and was called its own selected malls. Supermarkets generally distribute food and daily necessities.

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