3 thoughts on “What exquisite and beautiful handicrafts can rubber mud do”

  1. Material: rubber mud sculpture tools
    Specific steps:
    pinch a long ellipse, use it as the head of the dog

    As the hair around the dog's eyes
    pinching two pieces of ears, installing the ears to
    and pinching a black dog nose

    mad to two eyeballs suitable for eye sockets, and then stick it
    Make the dog's eyelids

    This two small pieces of white rubber mud, paste the dog The white part of the dog's eyes
    The mouth of the dog with a engraved knife
    This with a piece of white rubber puree to make the dog's body. Then put the limbs on
    The body and head of the dog, the cute dog rubber puree dog will be done
    Materials: Color mud
    Specific steps:
    1. Select different color mud.
    2. Use different colored mud to pinch the head, nose and ears of the elephant.
    3. Pinch the body and tail of the elephant.
    4. Use a toothpick to connect the elephant's head with the body.
    5. Roll the colored mud with a plastic stick.
    6. Put the rolled colored mud on the back of the elephant, make a few grass green balls and press it on it for decoration.

  2. I like to do hand -made, and I often do it with my children. Paper -cutting, waste utilization, playing rubber puree, and playing super light clay. We use Rover's super mild clay manually. The feel is delicate, non-sticky, non-greasy, and easy to be shaped. The best thing is that the shape can be preserved for 3-5 years. The memory of childhood is particularly good. All kinds of shapes can be done, and they can be done exquisite and beautiful. There are tutorials, and everything in the world is made with the tutorial.

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