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  1. Children’s toys are category 28 (fitness equipment).
    Similar groups of children’s toy trademarks include:
    The puzzle toys 280168

    long plush toys 280161
    flying plate (toy) 280158
    This bear 280151
    Activity toys (bed bell) 280145 n fire hat (toys ) 280118
    The burst cap (toys) 280118
    air gun (toys) 280117
    Toys 280104
    This hut 280104
    This doll clothing 280103
    The proportional model car 280091
    This mask 280090
    Acting mask 280089
    dramatic mask 280089
    Toy Doll 280088
    This small house 280086
    indoor game toys 280078
    ) 280062
    This toys 280062
    This pistol 280058
    Domino card 280054
    party, ball props 280045

    This 280024
    This doll eating bottle 280016
    pistol fire cap (toys) 280003
    n ※ Toys (C280015) Smart Toys (C280016) Model Aircraft Materials (C280017) Toys Watch (C280018) Toys Camera (C280019) Toys Telescope (C280020) Electronic Motor (permanent magnet swing toy) C280022) Flower Toys (Non -Plattering Flowers) (C280023) Toys (C280097) toy model (580218) toy small statue (280219) and so on

  2. Children’s toys belong to toy gifts.
    This gifts include:
    wooden toys, plastic toys, filling, fluff toys, electronic toys, electric toys, toys beads, balls, dolls, toy guns, model toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzle toys, puzzles, Children’s cars and accessories, toy accessories, Gongmei gift toy design and processing, other gauze and other craft textiles, wooden crafts, plant woven crafts, stone crafts, gem and jade crafts,
    ceramic crafts, metal crafts, glass crafts, crystal crystal Crafts, plastic crafts, resin crafts, clay sculpture crafts, paper crafts, natural crafts, needle hooks and knot crafts, carving crafts, antique crafts, bionic crafts, religious crafts, folk crafts, sculptures, calligraphy and painting, antiques and collections, jewelry, jewelry ,rn金银器,时尚饰品,打火机,烟具,钟表,相框,画框,蜡烛及烛台,熏香及熏香炉,装饰盒,钥匙扣,链,盆景,玩具,工艺礼品,纪念品, Advertising gifts, festivals, funeral supplies, Gongmei gifts, toy design and processing, others.
    Data information: Children’s toys Category:
    1, puzzle toys: Improving children’s cognitive ability, analysis ability, imagination, and cultivating children’s sense of accomplishment.
    2, game toys: On the basis of improving children’s cognitive ability, cultivate children’s hands -on, brain -moving ability, and develop their thinking, exercise skills and ability to coordinate hand -eye coordination.
    3, digital abacus text: While training children’s inlaid ability, conduct large movement exercises, train the fine movements of children, inspire children’s accurate understanding of shape, numbers, and quantity, and then exercise muscle flexibility.
    4, tool category: mainly allows children to recognize and master the shape, color and structure of various tools. In this process, train children’s actual hands -on operation ability and hand -eye coordination ability, and develop imagination.
    5, puzzle combination: cultivating children’s space imagination and fine -hand operation ability, thereby deepening rational understanding of time, animal, transportation and house shapes, color and other aspects.
    6, building blocks: Stimulate children’s hands -on interest, cultivate the consciousness and space imagination ability of children’s reasonable combination; ingenious drag design, exercise children’s walking ability, and encourage children’s sense of creative accomplishment.
    7. Transportation toys: By improving the awareness and understanding of children’s construction of train, car and various engineering cars, training its ability to assemble, drag and organize on the basis of some basis And to understand the transformation relationship between objects.
    8, dragging: Improve children’s cognitive ability, let them know the different characteristics of various animals according to different drag animals, and exercise their walking ability on a large range.
    9. Board toy: It consists of a variety of shapes and rich contents. On the basis of a certain cognition of children’s combination, splitting, and re -combination of children, the ability to exercise independently. At the same time, cultivate their patience and perseverance.
    10, cartoon dolls: When parents are busy, they need some entertainment toys that accompany children, and cute cartoon dolls are widely welcomed by children.
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