1. Lolarose Chinese is: Lala Rius. Lola Rose is from the British jewelry brand. The brand was founded in London in 2000 by British jewelry designer Nikki Gewirtz. In terms of product design, Nikki breaks through the traditional design concept and integrates natural colorful gem elements into the watch design.
    Under the concept of the brand "COLORFUL Your Life Everyday", Lola Rose achieved the goal of "making each girl have their own gem". Lola Rose is created by precious gems and semi -gems. Lola Rose jewelry insists on handmade, cleverly uses color matching and bold design.
    brand story:
    During the 30th birthday, Nikki received a very special jewelry. In addition to beautiful this jewelry, it was more important to wake up her childhood memories.
    In younger grandma's jewelry box was a treasure chest for Nikki, full of jewelry, which was full of jewelry. It was this treasure chest that inspired her creativity.

  2. "Rose Rose ', British jewelry brand

    lolarose is a jewelry brand from the UK. This brand is founded by British jewelry designers in 2000 in London. In terms of product design, Nikki breaks through the traditional jewelry design concept. Natural colorful gem elements are integrated into the design of the watch.
    Under the influence of the brand "" concept, Lolarose achieved the goal of "allowing each girl to have their own gem". Under the influence, Lolarose attracted many domestic consumers, especially female consumers, and also ranked among the top ten domestic jewelry sales in terms of sales. It has a stable fan group.

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