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  1. 1. Emerald ring. If you are a person who likes simple, then the emerald bracelet with the emerald ring is a good choice, but when choosing, it is best to choose the colors, styles, and materials of the two. The emerald bracelet is worn with the emerald ring to the overall luxury, which looks very expensive and elegant.

    2. Diamond ring. The current diamond ring is also welcomed by young people, so you may wish to wear diamond rings with diamond ring. Diamond ring is a very modern jewelry, and the emerald bracelet is gentle as a jade, so that the emerald bracelet is worn with a modern style and a modern style and a modern style and a diamond ring. The collision of classical charm will give people a different visual impact.

    3. Metal ring. You can choose a 24K gold ring or sterling silver ring and emerald bracelet for matching. In different cases, more 24K rings are matched with more, because the two are combined with the meaning of Jinyu Mantang.

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