2 thoughts on “What should be paid attention to when repairing gold bracelets”

  1. First, eat gold, also known as eating scale. Nils often change the small silk in the left and right nuts of the level scale, or use the special weight of the special 砝, the weight of 5 grams weighs 6 grams, and the weight of 10 grams has 12 grams. Essence Second, gold, also called gram goods. The repairman began to burn the gold into one piece, then clamped the gold with a pliers into a long strip, leaned in a place where I was titted, and turned it over a few times with a few times with my hands. The hammer is knocked into the original state, and it is not easy for customers to see it.
    three, cut gold, also known as clip gold. When customers come to repair, while the maintenancers are not paying attention to the customer, they will be cut a little with the scissors that have been prepared in advance, or they will be used to pinch a little bit when they are burning.
    four, washing gold, also called bubble gold. Put the burning gold in the king water and pick them up a few minutes. If you want to soak a little more, put it in red for the first time to put it in the water for a minute, then pick it up, and then put it in. After waiting for a few minutes, the repairman immediately uses a copper brush to brush the layer of the surface, and use agate or agate or When the polishing machine is thrown, the longer the soaking time, the more gold losses.

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