1 thought on “Where can there be a bras and underwear wholesale market in Guangdong”

  1. 1. Guangzhou Jinxiang Lingerie Wholesale Plaza, Address: No. 193, front road of Yuexiu District Station, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.
    2, Guangzhou Station Qianxian Stocking Industry Wholesale Plaza, Guangzhou Station Qianqian Stock Industry Wholesale Plaza, which is very close to Jinxiang underwear wholesale market. The square is one of the few professional markets in China and is located in the famous Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale zone. Many well -known domestic and international brands are gathered on the venue. The variety, style innovation, and fast update will definitely guide the consumption trend of underwear and socks of all grades.
    3, the largest underwear production base in Guangdong is Shantou, Goshan Mountain mainly produces large underwear, Chendian mainly produces bras, and Gurao's underwear is also recognized as underwear town in the country. May and October each year are the whole country. All underwear agents gathered in Shantou.

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