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  1. Jewelry can not only be used to dress itself, but also sometimes a symbol of identity. Therefore, beautiful jewelry has a fatal appeal to women. So, do women dream of many various jewelry? Next, let's take a look at the analysis together!

    Woman dreams of dreaming of many jewelry
    Women dreaming of many various jewelry, indicating that you will have the opportunity to travel soon in the near future, a happy and happy trip, pay attention to transportation Safety.
    Different women dream of the dream analysis of many jewelry
    The women in love dreaming of a lot of various jewelry, indicating that if they cannot trust each other, they are destroyed and dispersed by the third party.
    Woman travels dream of a lot of various jewelry, it is recommended that the wind and rain are unobstructed and delayed.
    women of this year of life dream of a lot of various jewelry, which means that things are entangled and cautious to prevent the design of villains.
    women who are studying in school dream of a lot of various jewelry, which means that the score of the oral test is poor and slightly affects the admission results.
    Woman pregnant women dream of a lot of various jewelry, giving birth to men, spring to have women, be careful to prevent the fetus too much and difficult to give birth.
    Woman women dreaming of a lot of jewelry, they can get financial interests, be careful to prevent friends (master, guest) fighting lawsuits.
    Woman dreams of many other dreams of other jewelry
    Women dream of someone stealing their head jewelry, suggesting that the plan is destroyed, and it is difficult to get rich recently.
    Woman dreamed that someone gave himself jewelry, saying that the dreamer would be loved and respected by people.
    Woman dreams of sending jewelry to others. Perhaps dreaming people are inferior and eager to fall in love.
    Women dream of many psychological interpretations of various jewelry
    Dreamment explanation: Jewelry is usually related to identity, marriage, women and other meanings. Jewelry generally refers to some valuable content in your life. The jewelry in the dream represents the characteristics you finally get through the difficulties, and also symbolize the love you pay or get.
    Psychological analysis: The jewelry in the dream often symbolizes the feeling you bring to yourself. Whether jewelry is expensive, whether it is a raccoons, or whether it is just cheap and fashionable jewelry, these are all important. It can be inferred that your self -evaluation or others' evaluation of you.
    The spiritual symbol: At the spiritual level, the jewelry in the dream symbolizes honor and self -esteem about vanity.

    The dreamed of dreamed, the principal did not. "Dunhuang Ben Dream Book"
    This dreamed of many jewelry of all kinds of jewelry
    , although it is easy to produce inconsistency and dissatisfaction, which causes family discomfort, but fortunately, due to the knowledge of the machine ) And being able to be peaceful, in short, is generally smooth and happy, and there must be considerable achievements. Only because of successful transportation, it is difficult to stretch after success. [Ji]
    This dreamed of many jewelery should be avoided
    "Yiyi" should be planned. It is advisable to drink coffee, and you should carry a nail knife with you.
    "Avoid" avoids new homes.

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