How long can hair extensions last

Hair can last for about 3 months with the right care, but you must do the following:

1. The comb used to comb hair every day must be a round head with a wide row distance. Do not use too much force when combing, otherwise it will cause hair loss.

2. Shampoos and conditioners must be acidic.

3. Don't spend too much time in the sun.

4. When blowing hair, the air dryer should not be too close to the hair root.

5. Do not rub the roots of your hair when washing.

6. Wigs needed regular care: High end Woman Wigs bought at a professional wig188d3ef715027e66b4b9248cdf6226cc store could be sent back regularly to get them cleaned with a professional cleaner. If you buy it from a small store, use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak the HAIR PIECE IN COOL WATER FOR a FEW MINUTES FIRST, AFTER CHANGING WATER AGAIN DROP INTO 2 drops of shampoo, stir nicely with the hand after BUBBLE PERFECT, finally put IN VENTILATED PLACE NATURAL SHADE DRY.

7. Always have hair spray handy: one of the uncomfortable things about hair extensions is that you can't comb your hair too often, especially after being blown by the wind. The more anxious you are, the more difficult your comb will be. It is considerably more convenient to have a hair spray in your hand, and use your fingers to dredge it. Receive A HAIR IS THE HAIRSTYLE TECHNOLOGY THAT INTRODUCES BY Europe RECENTLY, AS THE NAME IMPLIES, RECEIVE A HAIR TO RECEIVE ONESELF NAMELY ON TRUE HAIR, ACHIEVE INSTANTLY FROM SHORT HAIR TO TALL CHANGE, THE HAIR THAT RECEIVE A HAIR USES CAN BE WIG, ALSO CAN BE TRUE HAIR.

If you want hair extensions to last longer, be sure to choose a decent quality wig and buy it from a formal agency or salon. The hair care after receiving hair is also extremely vital, can't treat hair casually like before. Brush gently with a comb with wide spaced teeth, avoiding hair extensions.

Wig cleaning is also extremely particular, if not removed, then must not use alkaline shampoo, to prevent corrosion of the joint. Wigs, unlike real hair, are inanimate and knot easily, thus always use hair softener. If you don't understand how to take care of your hair, you can go to the hair salon to find a professional to do professional care, so that the hair will last longer.

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