Why might Ancient Egyptian Pyramids be linked to Aliens

Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations. As early as 4000 BC, a very brilliant civilization appeared in ancient Egypt. During the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III, Egypt conquered Syria and the eastern Mediterranean coast, becoming a vast kingdom that spanned the Middle East and connected Europe.

However, the glorious kingdom of ancient Egypt has left us with a series of mysteries, among which the most "inexplicable" mystery for future generations is the pyramid. So what are ancient Egyptian pyramids, and why might ancient Egyptian pyramids have something to do with aliens?

What are the Egyptian Pyramids?

The Pyramids, one of the seven wonders of civilization, were located in what was then Upper, Middle and Lower Egypt, in what is now the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Sudan. Along the lower Nile, there are more than 80 pyramid remains. Among these pyramids, the largest pyramid is Khufu Pyramid, which is 146.5 meters high and 230 meters long at the bottom. Covering an area of more than 52,000 square meters, the tower is made of 2.3 million boulders.

According to current history textbooks and popular cognition, pyramids are tombs of pharaohs. The origin of pyramids has its own corresponding development history: before the Third Dynasty of ancient Egypt, the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs were generally rectangular in shape. During the Third Dynasty, a doctor named Imhotep built a stepped pyramid for the Third dynasty pharaoh, Zosei.

After a long period of continuous evolution, the Egyptian pyramid gradually evolved from a ladder pyramid into a pyramid in the shape of four pyramids. By the 16th century BC (during the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt), the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were built in the Valley of the Kings to prevent tomb raiders.

Why might the Pyramids be linked to aliens?

The historical conclusion that the pyramids are the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs has been recognized by the mainstream academic circle of history and written into middle school history textbooks, which has become the consensus of people. However, mankind's search for the truth of historical phenomena is endless. Although it is widely accepted that the pyramids are the tombs of pharaohs, there are many strange phenomena about the pyramids that cannot be explained by current knowledge, which has led some historians and other scientists to suspect that the pyramids may have something to do with aliens.

Why might the Pyramids be linked to aliens? Here are some clues that the pyramids may be linked to aliens:

First, the size of Khufu's pyramid implies profound mathematical and astronomical and geographical mysteries:

The base of Khufu's pyramid is a square. Multiply the length of the square by 2 and divide it by the height of Khufu's pyramid. The result is PI, which equals about 3.14.

The angle between the upper passage and the horizontal plane of the pyramid is 26 degrees, while the angle between the side and the horizontal plane is 52 degrees.

The weight of the pyramid times 10 times 10 to the 15th is equal to the weight of the Earth.

The height of the pyramid x 10 x 10 to the ninth power is about the distance from the Earth to the sun -- 150 million kilometers.

The square of the pyramid height = the area of the triangle on the side of the pyramid.

The bisector of the square at the base of Khufu's pyramid, which stretches to infinity, is the Earth's prime meridian. This vertical line divides the Earth's land and sea into equal halves and bisects the Nile Delta. The center of the base of the pyramid lies at the center of the attraction of the continents.

Is this all a coincidence? If not, how did ancient Egyptians build pyramids with the knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and geography that only people have today? In accordance with the general historical reasoning, at that time, ancient Egypt is a country of slavery, productivity development is relatively backward, it can't be in the technical breakthrough, to PI, the weight of the earth, the distance from the sun to the earth and exploration on the knowledge of natural science, such as cognitive, but the pyramids of giza is a digital clues related to mathematics, astronomy, geography, These are beyond the knowledge of the productive forces of the time.

Second, the stone bars of the pyramid are very unusual.

Pyramid stone bars vary in size, with an average weight of about 2.5 tons. In ancient Egypt, without today's automated machinery (such as cranes), what method did the ancient Egyptians use to raise these huge and heavy stone strips from the ground one by one?

What's more, the stone bars of the Egyptian pyramid are cuboids without any wear and tear, and the edges of the stone bars are not damaged or knocked. What kind of technique did the ancient Egyptians have to use to make the stone strips fit together so perfectly? Could it be that some "mysterious force" was behind the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids?

Third, the distribution of the Egyptian pyramids is almost exactly the same as that of Orion.

Scientists have found that the distribution of the Egyptian pyramids is almost exactly the same as that of Orion, with the Giza Pyramid and its two nearby great pyramids corresponding to three stars in Orion's belt -- Betelgeuse I, Betelgeuse II and Betelgeuse III. The five pyramids of Egypt's Fourth Dynasty correspond exactly to the five stars of Orion.

More importantly, the pyramid of khufu, Harvard to pull the pyramids and the tower door card hooray pyramid that the order of the three great pyramids and the Orion belt samsung appeared more astonishing anastomosis, Orion belt of three stars is according to the order from bright to dark, and three great pyramids such as pyramid of khufu is also in accordance with the order from big to small 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai. Is there any connection between the Egyptian pyramids and Orion?

Fourth, the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the pyramids of Mars are arranged almost exactly the same, and both have some association with the three stars in Orion's belt.

Mars is the closer planet to the Earth, which itself has more similarities with the Earth. Probe found that the number of pyramids on Mars, scientists feel some surprise, the three pyramids on Mars and the pyramid of Khufu in Egypt pyramids and tower, tower at almost exactly the same door card hooray pyramid arrangement, and Mars pyramids, Egypt and the pyramids corresponding to three stars in Orion belt.

ba438f96d66872ef63777e5bf0d85db1More coincidentally, the Arabic word for Cairo, today's capital of Egypt, means Mars.

Fifth, there are unknown energies inside the pyramids.

The systematic understanding of energy did not become widespread until the modern Industrial Revolution, and there was a very advanced energy field in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. To this day, scientists have been unable to explain the energy field of the pyramid properly.

These five questions have led some scientists today to suspect that the pyramids may have something to do with aliens. However, historical research is a very rigorous and systematic science, and until direct documentation and other direct evidence are available, the pyramids for aliens remain a possible hypothesis.

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