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  1. When the spring arrives, the mother -in -law deer mother said to the little sika deer: "You should help others. When you help the 100 people, you will pick up a piece of gold."

    Excited: "Really?" She has seen the gold -like gold in the jewelry (shì) shop. It is very expensive!

    "Really, do you want to get it? "My Meihua Deer asked her with a smile.

    "Of course, from tomorrow, I will help others."

    n The next day, the little sika deer I was happy to go out and walked out of the door. I saw Grandpa Mansang's single -wheel tram (xiàn) in the mud. Grandpa Sun couldn't push it out. Pushed out.

    "I really want to thank you, kid!" Grandpa Shanya (Lǚ) said with white beard.

    "No need to thank."

    This sika deer continued to move forward. In the afternoon, she helped Grandma Rabbit carry a bag of soybeans back home. Although she was exhausted, she was very happy. When Grandma Rabbit said "Thank you", she had run to the next intersection.

    . In the next month, the little sika deer will help two or three people every day. She feels more and more happy when she helps others. Finally, at a dusk, she helped the 100 people.

    At that time, the ox uncle was planning to pull off a herbal medicine growing on the steep slope, but he couldn't climb up.

    "Bull Uncle, don't worry, let me help you." Xiao Meihua deer movement agile (mǐn jié), three or two times to the steep slope, pulled out the herbal medicine.

    "Thank you really, kid! You don't know, my brother is sick, you must use this kind of herbal medicine." The ox uncle thanked Xiao Meihua deer.

    "Don't thank you." Xiao Meihua Lu said to look for the ground. Bull Uncle asked: "Child, what are you looking for?"

    "That's it. Mom said, when I want to help a hundred people, you can pick up a piece of gold. I have helped the 100 people. But why can't I pick up the gold? "

    我 我 我 listened for a while, and then he laughed and said," No, kid, you have picked up It's the gold. "

    " What? "Where is it?"

    "In your heart. Now, you already have a gold -like heart . "

    " Gold -like heart? ... Oh, I understand! "Xiao Meihua Deer finally understood what the golden piece of gold meant. She ran at home happily, and she wanted to tell her mother about the gold.

    The grass, which is a series of comic paintings, will never be read!

    Really, if it is made into an cartoon, I want to shoot 1000 episodes. !

    The grass is a beautiful and lively fairy tale world!

    Shortly, the grass world has a big star. It is the detective mouse,

    Now we continue to tell its story -

    Fat (pànɡ) Piggy always sprinkle a lot of rice (sǎ) to the table superior.

    M mother asked it to pick it up (jiǎn), but it just didn't listen.

    "Oh (zāo) (tà) grain is not a good child!" Mom criticized (pínɡ) it angrily (pī).

    "What is this rice granulation? They can still eat me!" The fat pig was very unconvinced.

    At night, the fat pig lying (tǎnɡ) slept in the bed in the bed, and suddenly there was a voice: "Everyone is coming, this is the fat pig!"

    The fat pig sat up, "Who is talking about this?" It was looking for (xún) to find it, only to find a grain of millet grains.

    "What do you want to do?" The fat pig asked.

    "I want to recruit (zhāo) set (jí) to be thrown by you (Rēnɡ) to eat all the rice grains you do n’t eat to eat you!" After Xiaomi grains, there were a lot of rice grains behind me. , Flutter (pū) to the fat little pig.

    "Don't eat me! Ah ..." The fat pig was awakened at once, it turned out to be a dream (mènɡ).

    Later, I heard that the fat piglet never wasted a grain of rice.

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