1. It should be sent to a roommate a surprise birthday gift
    . If the relationship with the roommate is good, give her a birthday ceremony
    What does this mean? That is to say, to
    , the roommate's birthday, you can eat a meal together, celebrate her birthday, or
    to watch the movie together, send some gadgets as a birthday gift
    is all possible. Between roommates, I basically eat together every day
    The meals to learn. This flat way of getting along is also very warm
    warm, and natural birthday gifts should not be so outside. Therefore, roommates
    Birthdays, such as going to eat a big meal together.
    So can I give to my roommate as a birthday gift
    Girls will like flowers, roommates are also girls, naturally they will also like
    Happy flowers. Being able to receive a fresh and beautiful flower on his birthday,
    The client will definitely be very happy. As a class of rituals
    , it will not look too expensive, nor does it look cheap.
    The vitality from nature is often liked by people.
    The roommate's birthday to her flowers, blessed her as beautiful and happy as flowers.
    The birthday of the roommate, want to give her a small gift. Plush play
    , doll is the first choice. Most girls have no resistance to the cute and soft East
    , so for this feature, we can buy her plush toys when choosing a gift for my roommate. Mao
    This toys are not big, small, cute love is more recruited
    people like it.

  2. 1. Lipstick

    has no girl who does not love beauty, no girl does not like lipstick, so lipstick is one of the birthday gifts that women are looking forward to. There are no two or three lipsticks in the bag, and there is no sense of security when going out. Give your girlfriend a lipstick as a birthday gift, hoping that she will always be young and beautiful. She will definitely feel your mind, it must be a good birthday gift.

    2, bags

    Although the packages are luxurious, it is indeed that girls often use it and can carry them with them. Give a precious bag for your girlfriend, not only to highlight your taste, but also to satisfy the other party's birthday wishes.

    3, skin care products

    It beauty is the pursuit of a woman's life. In addition to good -looking clothing bags, the most popular girl is the skin care products that can become beautiful. Remember to be based on Come and choose your girlfriend's skin.

    4, jewelry

    has never diminished with women's love for jewelry since ancient times. , Girlfriend will definitely like it.

  3. Doll is a better choice, because she has a female man in appearance, but she is still a girl in her heart. She has no doll herself. I may not be willing to buy it. You buy it for her. A relative's child.

  4. Then you can make a special album for him for him, you search for a large number of pictures of Yi Xi Qianxi online, or you make it a poster, and then make an additional custom album. Both of them may be less than seven or eighty dollars, so he will be very happy.

  5. What gifts do roommate girls give birth to birthday? More than 100 yuan. You can buy a bunch of flowers to increase the atmosphere. You can buy her birthday cake.

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