4 thoughts on “How to choose a wife’s gold earrings? What style of golden earrings are good for your wife?”

  1. You can choose some relatively small earrings, or you can also choose some designed earrings. If you are younger, you can choose some simple styles. If you are older, you can choose some richer styles.

  2. How to choose a wife’s gold earrings? What style of golden earrings are good for your wife? Many men are actually romantic now. In some festivals, they will give their wives some intimate gifts. Among them, gold earrings are very suitable choices. Let’s take a look at how to choose gold earrings for his wife.
    On how to choose gold earrings for his wife?
    It how to choose the gold earrings for the wife. If we understand, we also have some rules to follow. Generally speaking, women are more suitable for wearing more refined gold earrings and look more refined. Because once the design of the gold earrings is out of date or too heavy, it will look tacky to wear, and sending such a gift is difficult to please. So we try to choose more delicate designs, such as some fresh flowers or leaves.
    If you really do n’t know how to choose, you can go to the jewelry shop to ask the shopping guide to introduce it. It is best to find someone who is similar to his wife, and recommend us which style is more suitable for people of this age.
    What style of gold earrings are suitable for wife
    1. Golden feather earrings
    Most people’s views on gold jewelry style still stayed a few years ago, such as large gold chain and wide ring. There are many fresh and feminine gold jewelry styles in the realization stage. For example, such a golden feather earrings, this earrings are actually very fashionable. The combination of light feathers and heavier gold produced a good chemical reaction. Such gold jewelry has a unique and unforgettable beauty.
    2. Bow gold earrings
    Most of the gold earrings are very simple and fashionable, not as heavy as before. After combining many Western design, even gold earrings have different styles. In Western characteristics, the bow also plays a very important decorative role. This design generally appears on clothing. But when it appears in jewelry, it feels more like a simple Western style.
    The benefit of sending his wife’s gold earrings
    The gold earrings are round and warm, and are comfortable to wear. They play a good decorative role and make people feel comfortable. It is said that gold also has certain benefits for the body. Earrings on the ears can be absorbed by the secretions of the human body, and have a good anti -inflammatory effect. Moreover, wearing a golden earrings during menstruation can soothe the irritability of menopause and make the skin more shiny and delicate.

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