4 thoughts on “I want to buy a gold chain! Pure gold! Can anyone tell me the main point”

  1. Because you want jewelry, it is more complicated. Gold and jewelry are relatively speaking. The physical gold is mainly based on the purpose of preserving value. The amount of funds is large and slow. When processing of jewelry, a certain other metal must be added to ensure the hardness of the jewelry, and the production process must be considered. Moreover, the price reduction is relatively large when recycling. Regarding jewelry, you can go to some big malls to see, and there should be a better choice.

  2. The price of international spot gold is 1246.5 US dollars a ounce ~~
    The converted into RMB is about 271 grams ~~
    If it is a necklace, there are some other processing costs ~~
    that is the price of pure gold ~~

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