1. If the spot gold transaction is just investment, it is legal, but there is no set of spot gold exchanges in the inland. In China, there is only one Hong Kong gold and silver trade market in Hong Kong. It has been established for more than 100 years. It is protected and restrained in Hong Kong. Essence
    In in recent years, many spot gold platforms have entered China. Because there is no standard in China, the market is very chaotic. There are many illegal underground platforms. So how to test whether this platform is legal. The following is an example of the Hong Kong platform as an example. :
    Is as long as the legal spot gold trading platform of Hong Kong can be found on the staff list of Hong Kong's gold and silver trade market.

    2. For the staff who entered the meeting, what kind of business qualifications will be prepared, of which AA, A1 and C members will have spot stocks Gold trading qualification.

    The can basically confirm that the Hong Kong platform is true or false through the above method. In addition, there are also some foreign platforms, some of which are New Zealand, some British, etc. It is difficult to test, mainly because the other party is the other party. The official website of the regulatory agency is all pure English, and they are all financial terms. Most people do not understand. In addition, there are many counterfeit that such foreign platforms have difficulty in testing.

  2. Let's explain from the following points, please refer to:
    The supervision and supervision organization in Hong Kong is called the gold and silver trade market. It is allowed in Hong Kong, a compliance dealer, and a trading model of the city merchants;
    The mainland and Hong Kong are very closely connected. The spot gold transactions in the mainland in the Mainland are basically from Shenzhen, Guangdong. Starting to introduce, in China, this lack of supervision is like falling in love with college students during college. A effective supervision and rights protection behavior, so when you do Hong Kong or outer disks, you must polish your eyes and choose carefully. When you need law to defend rights and find that you cannot rely on, you need to be able to rely on. r n

  3. There is no clear explanation in China that domestic gold (spot gold) in China is legal and illegal

  4. Our platform is the platform of Hong Kong.

  5. Taking Hong Kong as an example, as long as a financial company has gold transactions, the company has a certain amount of capital strength and trustworthy. Because in Hong Kong, in accordance with the laws of the Securities Department, a financial company can conduct spot gold trading and must invest more than 5 million Hong Kong dollars.
    Therefore, we must have quite strength to open a financial company. If the company is engaged in gold transactions, it also has its own gold mine, its own group, and the approval of the gold and silver trade market. With a qualified member number and gold medal, then the company's capital strength is more strong and larger. It is more strict by the monitoring of relevant Hong Kong departments, and it is more guaranteed to customer funds. In international financial centers such as Hong Kong, the financial market has a considerable history. It has a complete financial system and monitoring system, so that investors can rest assured to invest, especially for those financial companies with considerable strength to receive relevant licenses, and they can be more capable of being able to receive relevant licenses. Make investors rest assured of the security of funds. And in international financial centers such as Hong Kong, because the financial market has formed a long history and the local financial atmosphere is strong, the investment consulting experience is much better.
    Moth investors do you contact overseas investment companies? Overseas financial companies will have offices or employees stationed in the country (in addition, and some domestic investment companies signed cooperation agreements with overseas financial companies). As long as investors get in touch with them, they will be with overseas. Financial companies signed a sales agreement and then remitted the funds to the overseas financial company, then they can invest in London Gold. As mentioned above, as long as the financial company has a certain company in the local company and monitored by the relevant local government monitoring departments, the funds of customers are definitely protected. Hong Kong is more familiar with domestic people and has close relationships with domestic. Therefore, Hong Kong financial companies will be welcomed by domestic investors. As long as the investor examines the company according to the content mentioned above, as long as the company has those conditions, investors can invest with peace of mind and make money with peace of mind!

    1. What money is used
    It is that we can determine that it is impossible to open an account with RMB, no matter what the excuse. Because the international market does not recognize RMB, it is not a free exchange currency. Generally, the general currency is: USD, euro, pound, yen, etc. So if there is a company transaction to open an account with RMB in the US dollar, then there is a problem, it is likely to be a gambling transaction. The investor's list is not at all at all Enter the international market.

    2. Who does the account opening funds
    The foreign gold investment must be a foreign platform, so the funds will definitely not give domestic companies. No matter what excuses, it should be the final who accepts customer funds. The platform provider, that is, an overseas company, will not have the possibility of setting agents in the country in accordance with the law. Investors must be directly to overseas gold as a city business or corresponding qualifications.

    3. Who is the company's supervision
    The foreign official gold as a market business or professional institution is subject to the legal supervision of the country or region. No matter where investors come from, as long as they enter their market, Will be subject to legal supervision and protection of the country, then if investors want to determine whether the company is regular, they can log in to the country's corresponding regulatory agency website for inquiries. The same reason for other countries or regions (Hong Kong, the United States, etc.) The grinding knife does not cut the firewood by mistake. "Investors should first investigate and make investment to avoid being deceived. Now many illegal companies in China deceive investors under the signboards of" London Gold "or" Hong Kong Gold ". They are actually gambling. Trading, blood -sucking investors' hard -earned money.

    4. Is there any problem with trading software
    The regular transaction software should be included in the market, transactions, information, etc., and the data is the real market transaction situation. Developed by themselves, these companies can not only see all the transactions of investors, but also artificially mobilize prices, report false data, mislead investors, and even artificial transaction losses. And when investors make money, unable to log in to system transactions, etc. are very bad behaviors. It is recommended that investors try the company's software before starting the official account opening and gold transactions, and compare a few to see if there are any problems.

    In short, investors must polish their eyes and not be confused by some superficial phenomena. Overseas investing in overseas requires a very strict process and cannot be completed within a day. And there are strict regulations for currency, trading software, trading rules, etc. used. Finally, I hope that everyone can find a regular, safe and suitable investment variety.

    . Others can bring $ 50,000 to Hong Kong to invest in Hong Kong each year, so it is not illegal.

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