1. The label of the diamond ring generally has the following:
    1. Price: xxxx.
    2. Diamond size: D: The abbreviation of Diamond diamonds. D is the first letter of "diamond" English. For example, D031 refers to diamonds with 31 points (0.31ct). D121
    d0068 refers to the main stone 1.21 carats, 6.8 points (0.0068 carat).
    3. Total weight, the total amount of diamonds added in Phnom Penh.
    4. Cutting: (8*) There are once marked with eight arrows and eight hearts, or marked on the label. Such cutting is best.
    5. Color: The color of the diamond is expressed in letters d ~ n, the closer the color of D, the better.
    6, clarity: LC
    , the best VVS on the market.

  2. There is a display on the label with the size of the CT. If it is a group inlaid, two
    The main drill of the main drill
    that is the auxiliary diamond. The brothers on Clar's division have already said
    . I will not say

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