1 thought on “What is the diamond composition?”

  1. Diamonds are mainly composed of carbon.
    The diamond refers to diamonds that have been picked up. Vajra is a natural mineral and a rough stone of diamonds. To put it simply, diamonds are a monomer crystal composed of carbon elements under high pressure and high temperature conditions of the earth.
    The diamonds have the highest hardness in natural minerals, and their brittleness is quite high. It is derived from the ancient Greek adamant, which means hard and inviolable substances, and is a recognized king of gemstones.
    Diamond maintenance precautions
    The diamond ring needs to avoid collision or friction with the hard objects. This can prevent the precious metal from being wiped out and avoid looseness and crushing of diamonds.
    sm not allowed diamond ring to touch cosmetics or other chemicals for a long time, because these things can easily corrode the electroplating layer of 18K gold diamond ring, so that the 18K gold diamond ring reveals the primary color of the golden yellow, so everyone should remove the diamond ring and place it when necessary. In the jewelry box.
    If the diamond ring does not wear it for a long time, put it alone in the box and keep it properly. Do not put it with other jewelry at will to prevent other gems from damaging.

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