1 thought on “What is the meaning and selling point of the four -claw diamond ring?”

  1. Moral: The four -claw diamond ring means the love of life in life. The four claws represent the four indispensable responsibilities, love, care, and tolerance of the four indispensable responsibilities, love, care, and tolerance. Selling point: The four -claw design allows the light to enter the diamonds better. By reflection and reflection, the diamond can be brighter.
    The four -claw design of the four -claw diamond ring, which allows enough light to enter the inside of the diamond, and then through high refraction and reflection, the diamond will appear more shiny. Therefore, compared with the six -claw diamond ring, although the solidity is not as good as the six -claw diamond ring, it can highlighten the Diamond Flash than the six -claw diamond ring.
    The characteristics of four -claw diamond ring
    The claw inlaid is a relatively strong inlay method. Generally speaking, according to the number of claws, it can be divided into three claws, four claws and six claws, and four claws and six Claws are the most common inlaying methods.
    The meaning of the four -claw diamond ring indicates that there are practical advantages in the southeast, northwest, and four seasons. The four -claw diamond ring has enough light to enter the diamond. It will look very bright. Firecai can be fully displayed. If you choose four claws, you usually choose thick claws to be firm enough.

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