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  2. The thumbs generally do not wear a ring, if you wear it, it means you are looking for the object; wearing it on the index finger means to propose; wear on the middle finger indicating that you have been engaged or existing; Settled or divorced. Some people use the meaning and hints of the five words “chasing, seeking, ordering, ordering, marriage, and departure” to indicate the rings on 5 fingers, respectively.
    The thumb: According to the ancient Roman literature records, wearing the ring to help you achieve your wish and move towards the road of success.
    Forefinger: The finger in the direction of the direction will wear the ring to the personality will become cheerful and independent, and it is most suitable for those who are engaged in freelance.
    Mehomic finger: The fingers that are most suitable for wearing wedding rings are the best atmosphere that can create a free and concise atmosphere on it.
    Anonymous: From the ancient Rome era, we were used to wearing wedding rings on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart, which is most suitable for a sacred vow. There are important acupoints on the unknown finger. The rings can be appropriately pressed on the muscles on it, which has the effect of stabilizing emotions.
    If finger: The little finger conveys a kind of charming and sexy message. The ring will be unexpected on it. It is specially recommended to intuitive and engaged in popular fashion related workers.

  3. (1) The left hand indicates marriage
    1, index finger: unmarried;

    2, middle finger: engagement;
    3, ring finger: married;
    4, small finger: single.
    (2), right hand indicates love
    1, index finger: single nobleman;

    2, middle finger: love, heart to belong to Mother -in -law);
    4, small finger: unmarried family (not in love).
    The thumbs are the meaning of power, and you can also mean confidence.
    In China, the use of the ring has a history of at least two thousand years.
    The ring was mostly called “ring” in ancient times, and the name of the “ring” appeared in the Yuan Dynasty.
    The rings are transmitted to the folk, and its role is not only simple decorations. Men and women love each other and give each other. Shanmeng oaths as evidence. It originated from practicality, and then gradually turned to the unity of aesthetics and wealth, and gradually gave different cultural significance.
    Extension information: Legend of the ring:

    According to the legend, the ring was invented by a irritable monarch. A long time ago, a emperor loved his temper and had nothing to do with it. He patted the table to make a bench with a little bit unwilling. He realized that his temper was very bad, so he thought of a way: cast a small copper ring on his fingers.
    When he lost his temper, he slammed the table, and the copper ring made his hand unbearable. Over time, the teachings of his fingers reminded the irritable emperor to finally help him quit the table of bad habits. From this method, the ministers were first, and the people subsequently imitated them. They wore a copper ring ring that quit bad temper. Later, they simply named it “ring”.
    The ancient Egyptians will wear rings and develop into the custom of getting married by the groom to wear precious gold, silver or diamond rings for the bride. The reason is also very interesting. The ancient Egyptians believed that the blood vessels of the fingers were directly connected to the heart, which coincided with the Chinese saying “ten fingers”.
    Wroun, they believe that wearing a valuable ring on the bride’s fingers can tie the bride’s heart! The wife will always follow her husband. The love of each other is until a century, and the couple will be old. The meaning of wearing rings in China follows the international wearing method, and the distance between different fingers and heart determines the different meanings of wearing a ring.
    This ring with both hands is the difference between domestic and international. For example: the left hand ring finger and the heart represent the “new wedding”, and the right -handed ring finger is the farthest of the heart distance representing “single”, and the left hand means “marriage”, the right hand means ” The unique method of love.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Ring

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