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  1. It is a British brand, selling accessories. Although there are Diamond in the name, it is basically cooperated with Swarovski Crystal. The price of ordinary jewelry is around 70 pounds. Official website address diamond-style.co.uk. However, this website has no Chinese page for the time being, nor does it support direct mail China

  2. It is a British brand, selling jewelry. Although the name is diamond, it is basically the cooperation between Swarovski Crystal. The price of ordinary jewelry is less than 70 pounds. The suit is more expensive and the quality is slightly better.
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  3. Han translated as “Diamond Fan”, “Diamond style”. British fashion jewelry brands do not support domestic purchases.
    Attachment: Enterprise spirit: “The luxury that can be bought” is our spirit. Our goal is to stimulate modern women to wear her jewelry every day. Our jewelery is worn instead of hidden in a safe place. That is, everything is used.

  4. Diamond Style Diamond Fashion is a British jewelry producer, retailer and distributor. All products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, and the materials used are carefully selected and come from all over the world. Diamond Style Diamond Fashion Brand focuses on injecting Swarovski elements into jewelry. At the same time, Diamond Style diamonds are good at matching sterling silver with freshwater pearls, simple and exquisite, so Diamond Style diamond style jewelry is particularly sought after by European women. The jewelry style designed by Diamond Style diamond style can be said to be perfectly in line with the popular fashion of the 21st century fashion circle. Swarovski Crystal is one of the official partners of Diamond Style Diamond Fashion. Since 1895, Swarovski has been a high -end brand in the crystal world and has the best crystal in the world. It is precisely because of the purity and brilliantness of these beautiful crystals, so it is highly sought after by designers from all over the world.

  5. Diamond Style is a British jewelry brand. It is a brand product owned by Swarovski. Two main businesses of Swarovski Enterprises are responsible for manufacturing and selling imitation crystal elements, and design and manufacturing products. Swarovski Crystal has become an essential element of international design works. Since 1965, the company has provided accurate cutting natural and artificial gemstones for advanced jewelry industry.
    This jewelry is famous for its extraordinary design. All the products are manufactured by all materials. The designer does not let go of any details. It seamlessly meets the metal and crystal with the sky and mixes the perfect shiny ornament. Diamond Style focuses on combining Swarovski elements into jewelry to create a stylish and high -quality jewelry.
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    It since the beginning of this century, Swarovski’s crystal stones have been identified as high -quality, dazzling and highly precise embodies around the world, laying the foundation of Swarovski. The charm of Swarovski comes from the quality of the material and the manufacturing method adopted. As for the detailed situation of the unique law, it will not disclose to outsiders.
    Swarovski itself is artificial crystal products, not pure natural, and is famous for cutting technology and design. However, today, this ancient and mysterious company still maintains the family operation method, and regards the crystal production process as a business secret generation, and is a patent and award related to crystal cutting.

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