1. Gold mortgage to individuals, this is the case of your love and I wish, not a means of fraud; it is also a dispute over the people's property. Even if the alarm is alarm, you can only register the procedures and then investigate. Essence

  2. Yes, if you want to be redemption, you can’t find anyone, you can go to the case, you will not set up the case to see the police station,

  3. Of course you can! This, you can call the police first

  4. If the mortgage contract is reported in the hands of others or goes to the court, you have to take out the evidence that you favors you prove that the mortgage is your own talent.

  5. Is there a mortgage agreement? It is recommended that you go to the Public Security Bureau to ask, there will be more evidence, and you have to talk about evidence in everything! It's not easy to handle!

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