5 thoughts on “Is it needed to wash your hands and bathing a diamond ring?”

  1. I once heard that when others washed their hands, I washed the drill on the ring. There was no way to guarantee the quality of the ring. If you cherish it, try not to wear it.

  2. No, the diamonds on the diamond ring will not be afraid of water. Generally, the material of the rings of the inlaid ring is not afraid of gold and silver. After a long time, the silver will be oxidized, and the diamond ring is generally used. However, the diamond ring is generally used. Platinum is inlaid, so there is no problem. And it is easy to lose it.

  3. For jewelry, it is generally better not to contact washing supplies such as acid and alkali, and it has the effect of corrosive metals for a long time. I personally think that it doesn’t matter if you wash your hands and shower, but don’t wear housework. Diamond ring is dangerous with diamond looseness. It is troublesome when it falls. It is very small and it is difficult to find 🙂

  4. ● Diamond maintenance ↑
    Most people wear engagement diamond rings almost every day, and the diamond ring is very frequently used. Therefore, you need to take care of it very carefully:

    1. Do not wear diamonds when you are doing other heavy physical work such as housework. The impact can still make it “pink bones”.

    2. When doing housework, do not let diamonds come into contact with chloride bleach.

    3. Once the diamond is loose, dislocation or other damage, please do not continue to wear until the professionals restore it “original”. We recommend that customers go to our designated service place every year to perform “annual inspections” of your jewelry.

    4. When storing jewelry, please put the jewelry into the jewelry box or other boxes of the box to avoid diamond cutting other jewelry.

    [1] Separation:
    The diamond does not consume damage, most suitable for wearing every day, but in order to avoid unnecessary collisions, you need to take off the jewelry in all exercise bathing, and do not wear it without wear it. Do not wear it. At this time, it should be stored independently with the box to avoid scratching other jewelry with lower hardness.

    [2] Avoid strikes:
    This should not wear diamonds when doing heavy work. Although diamonds are wear -resistant, it may be damaged if it is hit by its pattern.

    [3] Avoid inconsistent chemical contact:
    When doing housework, remove the diamond on your hand. Because the diamond is close to oil, it is easy to cover its light because of oil pollution. In addition, it is best not to let the wearing diamond jewelry stained with bleaching water. Although bleaching water does not damage your diamond, it will make the gold jewelry inlaid with the color or produce spots.

    [4] Be careful:
    because of frequent wearing and activity, it is easy to cause diamond loosening, so you should often pay attention to whether the diamond is loose. You should go to the jewelry shop every six months to let the jewelry shop for you for you for you The jewelry is thoroughly cleaned and checked. In addition, if it is not convenient to clean it to a professional store, you can also make a simple factor for yourself. liquid. Immerse the diamond jewelry in the foam and gently brush with a soft toothbrush. Wash each piece of jewelry with a flowing water, and use a soft cloth without numbness to gently wipe out. Pay attention to the tank.

    [2] Take a small bowl and immerse the jewelry into the daily ammonia and cold water 1: 1 solution. Take it out for about 30 minutes, and gently wipe the bottom with a soft brush. Immerse the jewelry into the cleaning solution again, rinse the water and dry it with a paper towel.

    [3] You can also use any brand of jewelery cleaner, and refer to its instruction manual for cleaning.

    ● The cleaning of diamonds
    The diamonds are also smoked as other items, which will be dyed, dirty or stained with dust. Various solubility, powder, soap, and even the body produced by the human body will generate a thin film on the surface of the diamond to reduce the luster of the diamond. In addition, air may oxidize jewelry or make it color. The following methods are recommended to clean your diamond:

    In rinse with a cleaner
    Prive a little cleaner into a bowl and stir foam with warm water, then put the diamond into the bowl, use it with it, use Wipe the soft brush. After the brush is finished, remove the diamond and put it in a metal mesh or a tea filter, rinse it with warm water, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

    Soaking in cold water
    This to dissolve the detergent into cold water at a ratio of 1 to 4, and soak the diamond ring into the solution for a few minutes. Take it out and wipe it with a soft brush, then rinse it with a solution again, and then dry it with a paper towel.

    The cold water immersion method
    It in the water water used in half a cup of family, add the same capacity of water, immerse the diamond into the solution gently, and then use paper to suck dry.
    In addition, the effect of using an ultrasonic cleaning device and other specialized jewelery cleansers is also good.

    ● Cross diamonds
    1. You have to be careful when you carry diamonds or other jewelry. Now there are jewelry boxes specially made on the market.

    2, most of them have velvet pads, as well as small grids can be placed in other jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.

    3. When you remove your ring and wash your hands, don’t put it on the edge of the sink to prevent it from sliding into the sink.

    4. In public, it is best not to remove jewelry. Maybe you will forget to take it away for a while.

    5. When a person travels at night, it is best to take off the jewelry and put it. The money is not exposed, especially in a dangerous environment.

    ● Note
    The parts and parts in diamond jewelry are more easily damaged. Please be careful when wearing and maintenance. These more damaged jewelry components and parts are:
    ring: the teeth, finger wheels and petals of the gem base.
    (including bracelets, neck chains, ankle chains): closed ring and hook.
    pendant: melon seed climbing, insertion (referring to the chicken heart and other photos), the teeth and petals of the gem base.
    Earrings: butterfly films, treasure claws, screws and connection chains.
    Net pin: long needle insurance and gem base teeth.
    bracelets: the pattern of the bracelet body and the door hook.
    necklange: crocodile spring clip.
    The above -mentioned use of some commonly used jewelry is easy to use and easy to damage. When buying, you must first check these parts and parts; pay attention to the protection, lightness, and not being pulled by these components and parts when you are bringing. If you find that there is a phenomenon, you can add some clock oil (other oils).

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