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  1. Customized diamond rings are also the first choice of many people at present. It is still reliable to choose a brand for customization

    it is generally recommended to customize diamond rings 20-30 days in advance

    in addition to the style and brand of customized diamond rings, the selection of diamond parameters is very important

    how to choose customized diamond rings and diamonds

    diamonds of the same size have different prices at 4C (color, clarity, cut and gram weight) levels

    ① color: colorless diamonds are usually classified according to the color classification established by GIA of American gemology Institute, from D (transparent) to Z (yellow). Natural white diamonds are better than h color

    ② clarity: the clarity level of non inlaid diamonds is classified into 10 levels, including FL, if, VVS2, vvs1, VVS2, SI1 and SI2, according to the national inspection standards of China. The closer to FL, the better. The inlaid diamonds are divided into five grades: excellent, good, good and good. Diamond clarity is better than VS2

    ③ cutting: diamond cutting refers to the accuracy of its cutting and grinding ratio and the perfection after finishing. The best cutting is excellent (Ex), but diamonds above verygood (VG) are already very good. The following fair and poor are not recommended. Diamond cutters should choose VG or above

    ④ gram weight: the weight of diamond is calculated in carat (CT). 1 carat = 0.2 g = 100 min. 0.75 carat is also called 75 points, and 0.01 carat is 1 point. When other conditions are similar, the value of diamonds increases geometrically with the increase of their weight. 30 points have obvious fire color, and 50 points or more have the function of preserving and increasing value

    when it comes to the price of diamonds, there is another problem that must be raised, that is, "carat premium" The value of diamonds lies in their "scarcity". The larger the diamond, the rarer the diamond, the higher the value. Therefore, the size and price of diamonds do not increase in a general multiple relationship, but in a multiple or even exponential manner! For example, if 1 gram of gold is 300 yuan, then 2 grams is 600 yuan; But diamonds are not. One carat of diamonds may be 70000, but two carats of diamonds with the same quality may be 250000. This is called "carat premium"

  2. Now many people like custom-made diamond rings, on the one hand, because of their different meanings, and on the other hand, because they are cheap. But why are custom-made diamond rings cheap? Do you know? Cheap is often accompanied by authenticity. Will customized diamond rings have such problems? Let's take a look

    why customized diamond rings are cheap

    the reason why customized diamond rings are cheap is that their cost price is transparent, and the bare diamonds and ring holders required for customized diamond rings can be purchased at cost price; Moreover, its labor cost is low. Because the customized diamond ring shops are generally small, the processing fee charged is relatively small, and there will be no additional fee. You only need to pay the cost and labor cost of customization, so you can save a lot

    the bare diamonds and ring holders selected for custom-made diamond rings are purchased according to your needs, so generally there will be no fake diamonds. Only when some unscrupulous merchants bully inexperienced newcomers will they encounter fake diamonds. Therefore, it is recommended that before buying diamond rings, you first understand diamond 4C grade and other common knowledge of diamonds, so as to avoid being trapped

    customized diamond rings and brand diamond rings

    diamond ring stores that specialize in customization generally have smaller stores and lower prices, but brand diamond rings are different. Their physical stores are generally finely decorated, giving people the feeling of romance and resplendence. Therefore, the price of brand diamond rings is not only the price of diamond rings plus labor costs, but also includes brand advertising, store rent and daily expenses, This is also the brand premium we often hear

    when a couple gets married and buys a diamond ring, they mainly choose a brand or customize it according to their own wishes. However, customization is no longer a problem in the jewelry industry. Most brand diamond rings have customized diamond ring services

    although the prices of shops specializing in private customized diamond rings are cheaper, they can't guarantee that everything is reliable. On the contrary, brand diamond rings are more secure. Generally, brands symbolize quality. In order to ensure their reputation, they will try their best to produce excellent products

    to sum up, do you know why customized diamond rings are cheaper? Diamond is a special luxury. If a brand diamond ring wants to be distinguished from other diamond rings and create its own unique and noble feeling, the price will naturally not be low. After all, in the hearts of some people, price represents grade. If you can't afford to buy a brand, you must pay more attention when customizing a diamond ring. Don't be deceived

  3. The places where diamond rings are purchased can be roughly divided into three categories according to categories:
    the first category is brand jewelry: such as Tiffany and Cartier. The advantage is high international popularity, while the disadvantage is high price
    the second category is shopping Jewelry: Chow Tai Fook Chow Sang, whose advantage is that it is well-known in China and its price is closer to the people than that of international jewelry
    the third type is customized Jewelry: DD jewelry, diamond birds, which have the advantage of high cost performance, but the disadvantage is that they need to wait for the customization period
    a diamond ring is mainly composed of bare diamonds and ring holders, and the bare diamonds themselves do not distinguish brands. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, you should pay attention to the bare diamonds. Its value is mainly determined by its size, color and clarity. These parameters will be reflected in the diamond certificate. Where to buy diamonds, you usually issue GIA (American Gemological Institute) certificate, which is the most recognized international authoritative certificate. For details, you can ask Du Niang. Generally speaking, common wedding rings include 30, 50 (half carat), 70 and 1 carat main stones. Generally speaking, 30 points is chosen because the most authoritative diamond rating certificate in the world (GIA - American gemstone Institute) gives certificate ratings to diamonds of 30 points or above. Therefore, if you want to choose diamonds with international certificates, 30 points is the starting point, and the customized price is about 3000-6000. If you change to carat diamonds, the price range is between 20000 and 100000. You can do more homework before buying, Understand how diamonds are graded, and finally you can buy the one that suits you best.

  4. Now most of them are custom rings. Because there are more choices and more freedom for customized rings
    the Darry
    ring customized by my boyfriend last Christmas, ha ha, only men can make it,
    and it can only be made once in a lifetime, which is touching.. I wear it all the time now. I don't feel anything bad

  5. My wedding ring was customized there. Because the budget for buying jewelry is not high, I thought I could not buy what I wanted, but I went to many blessings to recommend one to meet my wish. My husband said that he would work hard to make money and try to change a big one at the anniversary

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