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  1. Yes, in Chengyang District, China Korea International Commodity City is located in Xingyang Road, Chengyang District. Chengyang District is the place with the largest population of Korean people in China. There are many Korean supermarkets in Chengyang District. Korean goods are very complete. China Korea International Commodity City specializes in Korean small goods, which are both comprehensive and affordable. Korean or Korean people are selling them. Qingdao China Korea International Commodity City is located in Xingyang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Developed and constructed by Qingdao Zhengjian Investment Group Co., Ltd., it covers an area of 260 mu, with a total construction area of 400000 square meters. There are more than 5000 stalls in total, and the annual transaction volume is expected to reach more than 8 billion yuan. The project is completed in three phases

    phase I jewelry accessories professional Street: with a building area of 80000 square meters and supporting four-star hotels and other service facilities of 15000 square meters, Chinese and Korean international star rated apartments; The investment attraction has been completed and put into use. The customers settled in the first phase of China Korea International Commodity City mainly come from Yiwu, Guangzhou, Fujian, Jiangsu, South Korea, Japan and other places; World famous brands Swarovski, Lianhua, Tianfu, Huangdu and so on have all entered

    phase II arts and crafts accessories city: with a building area of 90000 square meters, on the basis of retaining the independent shops in phase I, the second and third floors are arranged in a large bay and open layout, with special Korean Pavilion and Yiwu Pavilion; In the second phase, 50% of the customers are from South Korea, 30% from Yiwu and Guangzhou, and 20% from surrounding areas. South Korea's famous enterprises such as ShineWing, Yixin and Zhiyi have settled in, and now the first floor has been fully opened

    the phase III small commodity city has a single building area of 230000 square meters. It integrates the essence of business planning of various commodity professional markets in Japan, Korea, Yiwu and Guangzhou, and creates the most modern sixth generation professional market model in China with an international and forward-looking vision. It is a comprehensive market integrating handicrafts and jewelry products. It mainly deals in eight business forms, including popular jewelry, jewelry, handicrafts, folk crafts and office supplies. China South Korea International Commodity City Phase 3 is the largest wholesale base of Korean commodities in China and the largest wholesale base of essence of small commodities in Shandong, Yiwu and Guangzhou

    based on the industry foundation of small commodities and ornaments, China Korea International Small Commodity City has taken root in Qingdao. Relying on the three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land and air, it has fully radiated the consumer markets of small commodities and ornaments in northern China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The sound operation of phase I and phase II has more firmly established the status of China Korea International Commodity City in China's small commodity market - the third largest commodity wholesale base in China after Yiwu and Guangdong, and the largest commodity wholesale base in northern China

    Qingdao China Korea International Commodity City

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  3. I went to see phase I and phase II of the China South Korea Commodity City, both of which sell accessories. Phase III said that they sell finished products, rent them to a home furnishing enterprise, and buy furniture. It's not the above. It mainly deals in popular jewelry, jewelry, handicrafts and folk arts and crafts. I also called the customer service of the China South Korea commodity city and confirmed that the furniture is phase III. If you don't believe it, you can go and see it yourself

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