1. There are many ways.
    It now manufacturers to sell products, it is not only working hard on the product itself, but also to increase the added value of the goods. Like the commodity packaging boxes we have contacted, it is one of the added value of the product. Essence In fact, when we bought this product, we paid a certain price for this product box. For example, if you buy a lipstick 350, then you may pay 10 yuan for this product box. So, since we are also paying what we buy, how can we throw it away easily? And he still looks so beautiful, so I can understand the mood of turning waste into treasure.
    Because it is a packaging box itself, I suggest that you can still use it as a packaging box. For example, when you want to give a small gift to your friends, you can take out your last time, a good -looking box you buy, and use it for packaging. You can also choose the next step to change the next step according to the soft and hard level of this packaging box. For example, a hard box, it can become a shoe box, or it becomes a paper barrel. Or there are some packaging boxes, he is insoluble in water, you can poke a few holes below to make it a better flower bed or vase.
    If it is some packaging bags with notes or printed printeds on it, you can cut these beautiful prints, then make accounts, or collect them alone, and stick them on a large book. This is also a relatively good storage, and you can use it to decorate your own wall.

  2. You can use some packaging boxes as a storage box. You can install some small jewelry or something.

  3. It can be transformed into a storage box that can be used in daily life, or small decorations, which are practical when they are beautiful.

  4. You can use those product packaging boxes to install some small pieces of small items at home, or use it for children.

  5. You can use simple modifications, such as stickers, and then use it to install small accessories or other items.

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