What's the difference between a gummed solar panel and a laminated solar panel?

Solar panels can be packaged in two ways, one is a drop solar panel (epoxy resin package), the other is a laminated solar panel (glass/PET/ETFE package), so what is the difference between them?

The production process

Glue drop solar panel: (1) mix two different kinds of glue evenly in proportion. (2) Put the adjusted glue into the glue dropping device, and then drop it onto the surface of the battery sheet. (3) After the dripping is completed, vacuumization is performed. (4) the vacuum is completed, and the surface of the epoxy resin glue is cured by baking. (5) Remove the excess glue.

Laminated solar panels: (1) surface encased in glass or PET or ETFE prepared in advance. (2) The glass/ETFE/+EVA+ battery +EVA+ back material is laminated once. (3) after the completion of the lamination, it will be put into the laminator at medium pressure (temperature, time to be within the prescribed range, to prevent delamination) (4) after the lamination, the excess glue removal.


The power of the glue dropping solar panel is generally 0.1W-6W, Application in solar lawn lamp, solar wall lamp, solar handicrafts, solar toys, solar receiver, solar flashlight, solar phone charger, solar water pump and solar panel extension cable and other small size requirements of the use of the scene.

Laminated solar panel power can be more than 30MW-500W, applied in solar sight, solar camera, solar RV, solar handlebar, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

The service life of the

The service life of the adhesive drop solar panel is 2-3 years. The transparent surface of the adhesive drop will slowly turn yellow after time change, which will further affect the service life of the solar panel. The service life of laminated solar panels is determined by the surface material. The service life of PET solar panels is 3-5 years, the service life of ETFE solar panels is 5-10 years, and the service life of glass solar panels is about 25 years. The service life of laminate panels is much higher than that of glue drop solar panels.

The price

At the same power, the drop solar panel will be lower than the laminate solar panel, which is determined by its material, service life and safety. The choice of solar panels should be combined with the customer's own product needs and the pricing of the entire product to consider.

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