What are the benefits of Diamond Ring?

Many people around seem to be selected, so what are the attractive customization of customization

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  1. The first advantage of diamond ring customization is personality. If you choose diamond ring customization, you can not only choose diamonds and rings by yourself, but also design the diamond ring style by yourself, so you don't have to worry about colliding with other people's diamond ring. In addition to personality, diamond ring customization is also very advantageous in price. The main composition of diamond ring prices is diamonds and rings, and diamonds and rings can be selected when customized. In this way, the price is all in the hands of the customizer, which is more flexible. In addition, there are many customized brands now. Before customization, you can compare more to choose again. Like men's life, only one DR diamond ring can be customized.

  2. Brand diamond ring is expensive, and the price of custom diamond ring is cheap. The cheap price of custom diamond ring is the biggest advantage of custom diamond ring. There are reasons for the price of brand diamond ring. The price of brand diamond ring includes various expenses such as design costs, manufacturing costs, material expenses, brand premiums, warehousing transportation, marketing advertising, product sales and other costs. Custom diamond rings include material costs and work expenses. In this comparison, the price of custom diamond ring is much cheaper than the brand diamond ring.

    . In addition to the cheap custom diamond ring, another advantage of custom diamond ring is that the style of custom diamond ring is more unique and novel. Everyone knows that the style of the brand diamond ring is monotonous, and it is generally available. Although there are several models, but the number is large, everyone will inadvertently find a diamond ring of a certain brand. The style of custom diamond ring can be said to have only one. The custom diamond ring is customized according to the customer's requirements. The size and style are selected by the guests. In this way, the custom diamond ring is the unique one in the world.

  3. The cost of custom diamond rings is mainly working consumption and material costs, because many ready -made design solutions, custom diamond ring does not require additional design costs, work consumption and material costs constitute the main cost of custom diamond ring. Many people buy cheap bare diamonds in advance, so that the cost of customized diamond ring is cheaper.

    Compared with the work expenses and materials costs of custom diamond rings, the cost of brand diamond ring is much higher. The cost of brand diamond rings includes work consumption and material costs, as well as other expenses. Design costs, in order to better sell diamond ring, brand diamond ring needs to be carefully designed, and the design costs will occupy a large share. After the diamond ring is completed, advertising promotion, transportation, warehousing, counter sales, etc. This requires the payment of advertising promotion costs, transportation costs, warehousing costs, store counters rent, sales staff salary, and also includes brand premiums.

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