4 thoughts on “What can I sell at the tourist attraction, what can I sell?”

  1. What is the most profitable to sell for tourist attractions? The products that can be sold at the current tourist attractions are as follows
    : Traveling Flower Ring
    : Jewelry pendants, such as: obsidian, Ping An Bean, Bodhi keychain, horns horns, horns horns Ping An Gourd, Buddha Bead Bracelet, Fuyou Buddhist Box Fortune Box, Fragrant Bags, etc.
    Third: Now the weather is getting hotter, and the weather of tourist attractions is getting hotter. Meicoscopy and solar hat are very good choices.
    This stalls on the tourist attraction can go to Haoxinlong Department Store wholesale.

  2. 1 Specialty souvenirs related to attractions.
    This is not listed one by one. Each attraction is different, and it is the best -selling spot in each attraction. Go out to travel, get on the car, get off the car to pee, when you get to take pictures, it is a pity that you don't buy something.
    2 specialty snacks. I have been to many attractions to investigate. The only constant is that each attraction snacks are many, and they are sold very expensive. In fact, the taste is average, but this is just needed.
    3 Toys. If you bring your child to play, you will definitely buy a toy for your child. Especially where you enter the attractions and outlets, you will definitely find a toy stall.

  3. One choice is naturally a necessity of life, the second choice is snacks, the third choice of souvenirs, fun, not expensive and creative, others do not, but you have

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