1. Hello, Suzhou Gold Price: The current international gold price is 286.41 yuan/gram. The price of the gold shop is about 370, telling you the golden shop of the major gold shops today's jewelry gold quotation:
    week Dafu: 370 yuan/gram
    Lao Fengxiang: 373 yuan/gram
    Gold Supreme: 370 Yuan/gram
    Zhou Shengsheng: 369 yuan/gram
    Old temple: 373 yuan/gram
    100: 378 yuan/gram
    Six blessings: 370 yuan/gram
    Saturday blessing: 370 yuan/gram

  2. This is today's gold basic gold price, Golden Store retail 20 yuan or more
    Golden jewelry recycling quotation website Suzhou Zhongshan gold jewelry welcome you

  3. There are two or 30,000

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